Jesse Morrissette

Shooting out of New England. Nature, adventures, people, places, things.
Jesse Morrissette
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Close-up of insect against white background
Close-up of butterfly over white background
Close-up of butterfly on plant
Close-up of container on field against sky
Close-up of table
Close-up of swan swimming in lake
Chairs on beach against sky
Low section of woman sitting at home
Close-up of sushi
Close-up of caterpillar
Cute girl standing at night
Close-up portrait of man
Scenic view of lake
Full frame shot of pebbles
Close-up of multi colored candies
Woman sitting on bed
Close-up view of leaves
Close-up portrait of baby girl
Close-up portrait of young woman
Close-up portrait of man
Dog on snow covered tree
Close-up portrait of man
Close up of key
Road against sky
Low angle view of bird perching on cable against sky
Men at night against sky
Close-up of leaves in water
Low angle view of flag against sky during sunset
Close-up of multi colored hanging on wall
Low angle view of built structure
Close-up of ball on table
Close-up of airplane
Road passing through forest
Close-up of wall
Railroad tracks amidst trees during autumn
Scenic view of city against sky
Flag against sky
High angle view of painting on footpath
Close-up of dog lying down
Close-up of abandoned room
Portrait of smiling boy
Close-up of bird perching on tree
Close-up of plant
Low angle view of trees in front of building
Close-up of bird perching on wood
Low section of woman standing on ground
Close-up of green leaf
Close-up of insect
Close up of sand
Close-up of hand holding lizard
High angle view of street
Close-up of lizard on sand
Colorful graffiti on footpath
Tomatoes on plant
Close-up of yellow flower
Close-up of bird
Close-up of yellow flower
Buildings in city against sky
Close-up of sunflower
Cropped image of boat in river
Close-up of sunflower
People in market
Bicycle leaning against window
Low angle view of building
Close-up of multi colored swimming underwater
Close-up of white daisy flowers blooming on field
Close up of turtle
Road sign against blue sky
View of building exterior
Plants growing in front of building
Full length of girl standing on beach
Close-up of bird flying over sea against sky
Train at night
Boats in sea
Portrait of young woman
Horse outdoors
View of beach against blue sky
Close-up of bird
Scenic view of sea against sky
Sun shining through trees
Scenic view of lake at sunset
Close-up portrait of young woman
Close-up of insect
Bare trees against the sky
View of tree against clear sky
People in park
Close-up of woman standing in pond
Woman photographing through smart phone
Close-up of cat
Scenic view of sea at sunset
Close-up of orange sun
Ferris wheel in amusement park
Close up of water on beach
Boats in river
Full length of woman standing against wall
Close-up of plant
Close-up portrait of dog
Portrait of cute girl