Jose Antonio


If u're lucky enough to find a weirdo, NEVER let that weirdo go! (capturing LoFi way with an A5)
Love is in the
Switch the way
No need to add
Bolted on a
Capturing the
Lucky... 14.
Among giants we
Sunset upon the
Sunsets come
Fall's textures
Two chill
Well now, how
Abandon all yer
Danger! Ska
Castle under
Out there in
High pressure
Nobody at the
My two
Memories of the
Under a young
Nobody at home.
Under the old
That view from
In my cell, I
White moon.
Out in the
Road to
Out in the
Two out of
Nothing like
Just a sunny
Sunny days at
I could wait
Shush little
Old and tired,
Never a bad day
Summer's hot
Pretty place at
A day at the
Lonely path.
Focus on what
Join us in
Calm before the
Just watching
Old store is
Teddy Bear got
The old and the
Centuries upon
Chasing the
From here to
At the harbour,
Lost in
Hunt down the
Nothing to be
Came here to
Nobody's home.
Take that first
For the love of
In the quiet
Spending time
That cold
Old and lonely.
On a quest that
When the sunset
We are watched
In the quiet
Black and white
Empty vigil.
Lost in the
Sweets to the
Catching fluffy
Only the
Evil Ride
Castles on the
No way to be
The power in a
Down to our
Look up to your
There is light
Just a little
Who stands in
Grab it by the
Lonely ruins.
Self explaining
Feet on the
Summer in a
Where the
Come sit down
Time stopped
With a little
Feel, ride, the
Like a hidden