Melrose Thompson


i love my nephew more than anything...and i always have time for my friends over anything...and i never give up any time away from my boyfriend:) ~<3
get money:P
just think...
squidward tentacles...
my baby girl danger...she ran away a couple months ago but she was my beautiful baby:(
my nephew brayden just woke up First Eyeem Photo playing videogames like always
Mechanical squid yo!! Can't pass tht
Just smile ur way through the problems tht r just so god damn unnecessary...point blank
I'm here without u baby...I'm flyer than fly...fuck a kite!!:)
My MCM ;)~<3
I curled my hair for once
Do u love me yet?
Yeah this is wht I call my cousin:)~<3
Dis right here is my swag boys be on it like damn who dat cut thang:o @its_skylar_bisssh Twin Sisters Love Swag bigbooty
Love is a feeling that ur never gonna forget:)
Bryce when he was a baby:)
This is old but i remember it like yesterday:)
I love him so much
Hugs and kisses Instacollage
I miss my boozy
Aweee so cute but old
Bryce is too cute when he gets caught offgaurd
Cant wait
Lifes too short gotta live it long
People say scars are ugly...well I say their beautifullll!!
Smile for once...jeezz
Hellokitty Bellybutton Ring Happy
Night time
Shoppin at menards @theycallmesteven
Hahaha bryce wearing my coat...gotta love him
Purple Zebra Bellybutton Piercing ring
Me and my shoes