Vasco Melo


learning how to love life
Shadow on sand
Lines and
Water and sand.
Water front
Sea level :)
Waves on sand
Sea, shadow and
Sand and
Algarve colors
Salty mines :)
Me amd my dog
My Favorite
Wonderfull sky
Clouds Nature
Sunset Portugal
Oporto on
Winter 2015.
Manuelino :)
Bridge Lisbon
Spring 2016
Oporto pan :)
Way back home.
Casa da música
Green plants.
Nature Sunset
Tree and sky.
Home Is Where
The Tagus river
Its tropical
Contrast Sky
Trees and
Zune theme.
In the
Charlie :) Dog
Granite facade.
On the catwalk
Waves Scenario
Natureza Nature
Home. Home Is
The winter is
Life in the
Thats all for
Hidden Gems  D
Home Is Where
Home Is Where
Sun, clouds and

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