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happy Chinese new year😛😛😛 Chinese New Year Lunar New Year Year Of The Monkey Chineseredpackets
fast and furious 7.for more funerals😭😭😭 FastAndFurious7 Paulwalker
清明节 tomb-sweeping dayChina View China Culture Qingming Festival
the tomb of the very first emperor of Ming dynasty named 朱元璋 ,located in Nanjing city China View China Culture Tomb Ancient Building Ancient Tomb Emperor
my cutie😘😘😘 Dog Doggy Doglover Dogs Pets Cute Pets At My House Mydog♡ Cutie
how to cook it: chop and saute pork, cabbage and sausage together in oil, I love pork best😘 Foodporn ChinaFood Tasty Food At My House Pork! Sausages Dinner Tonight What's For Dinner? Chinese Food Dinner
馄饨包子豆浆油条。馄饨,我的最爱。huntun, AKA wonton, is my favorite.buns with pork. Foodporn Breakfast Time Breakfast ChinaFood Good Morning Steamedbun Buns Wonton Soup
植树节,植树了吗? Spring! Spring Flowers At My House Arborday
my favorite flower拍到了最爱的花花~ Flower Porn Spring! Spring Flowers Springiscoming Plum Blossom
豆浆油条。traditional Chinese breakfast soybean milk plus fried bread stick,breakfast yummy~ Foodporn Breakfast ChinaFood Breakfast Time
忘了发的元宵节照片。。 Lunar New Year China Culture Sweet Dumplings Chinese Lantern Festival At My House ChinaFood
love baymax!??? Movie Night Baymax Movielover Enjoy Life Leisure Time Bighero6
非常有特色的饭店,一个朝代一间餐厅。each dining room represents for a dynasty of China Happy Lunar New Year China Culture China View Restaurants Chinese Restaurant
祭祖。 Happynewyear Happy Lunar New Year Lunar New Year China Culture At My House Springfestival
春联(new year scrolls)。新年快乐羊年大吉! Happy Lunar New Year China Culture At My House Lunar New Year Happynewyear
新年快乐羊年大吉! Lunar New Year China Culture Happy Lunar New Year At My House Happyholiday Happynewyear
preparing for the most important day in China Happy Lunar New Year China Culture Springfestival Lunar New Year At My House Happyholiday Winelover
有客人要来Lunar New Year China Culture At My House Foodporn ChinaFood Happyholiday Springfestival Hotpot
乡下姑娘 Pets Dog Doglover Doggy Mydog♡ Cutie At My House Lunar New Year Cutedogs
Foodporn Strawberry Cake Tasty Food At My House放毒……
今天腊八节,要吃腊八粥哦 Lunar New Year Festival ChinaFood Porridge Tasty Food Foodporn China Culture At My House Happyholiday
China View Temples Buddhist Temple Hometown Scenery Landscape家乡的城隍庙
China View Lunar New Year is coming Chinared Hometown Scenery Traditional Market Gadgets Springfestival
China View Hometown Scenery Landscape Winter Trees Clouds Clouds And Sky
Rings Hand Jwellery Nailart  Nailpolish Enjoy Life At Home Goodnight ??
Breakfast Foodporn At Home Coffee Time At My House Enjoy Life
在家吃火锅,比店里更好吃。 Hotpot Chinese Food Foodporn At Home Lunch Time!
I love him soooooooo much!!!!!! Robertdowneyjr My Idol
Foodporn Chinese Food Hotpot Happy Weekend !!! 好吃!!!
delicious traditional chinese homemade cookies named Tao Su桃酥(peach crisps)which has nothing to do with peaches…Chinese Food Afternoon Tea Greentea Chinesebiscuit Delicious Food Teatime Enjoy Life Saturday Afternoon Happy Weekend !!! Homemade Cookies
lovely napkins Lovely Things Enjoy Life Depth Of Field China
the snowy maple in my garden. Landscape China View Winter Trees Snow Depth Of Field At My House Hometown Scenery
love this place. Shanghai Shanghaicafe Bookstore Leisure Time
good evening,anyone good morning? Landscape China View
cutie Dog Pets
my dog watching movie First Eyeem Photo