Megan Myburgh


Living in a cold country? Forget about it. Beachbum Sun
Redfestdxb Dubai
For the one i lost.
Colors Of Carnival Colourrun Colour
2:30pm, dem strawbs and pajamas. Gottalovesundays 🍓
Places so pretty they look like the start of a fantasy film 😍 Likesrs
Seize the moment because some opportunities don't come twice. Makeitorbreakit Jbr Sunset
~ Selective memory ~
When things work out it's the definition of bliss yes 🙌 Woop Headstand 2015
~~ Enter cheesy caption about never letting go important things in your life here ~~ ☀ Burjalarab Kite Yeww
I love Dubai, but the fresh air in Thailand is just incomparable 🌄
What not to do after Dubai's few sandstorms Ohwell Visionlimitstested
Born to be Beachbums ☀🌊🌼
Margaritas on the beach 🍹
The ultimate lazy days 🍇 Readthecontextandfellasleep
Need a little Kalba now and then I think. Simplerelaxationregime
Those sunset views that you pause your yoga sesh for 😄 Worthit Disneymaterial Midwaycrowpose
new favourite little shop in Thailand Jellyfish Glassart
Wouldn't mind this to be my future home view Beautiful
A time of a time limited to pen and paper to make something for yourself. Mood Restingbitchfacesyndrome
Strangely the simplicity became familiar Simplelife
All the nationalities of the 2004 tsunami victims at the Kao Lak Tsunami Memorial Centre. It's been 11 years since the disaster struck Thailand's coast. So incredibly sad to think that about 5,000 lives were taken the day after Christmas in the Andaman region alone. 2004tsunami
Just Dubai things Sorainy
Never will you know the true value of a moment until it wistfully becomes a memory Nostalgia Agnescecile
Running away is my forte Ohwell
And so I stepped into the world of Arabia Cultureshock Ok
They wanna push you off the path, with their frequency wires. Thomyorke Tb
I'll see the veins of my city like they do in space 🌍 Lorde Fernweh
Those bittersweet mornings that almost, almost make me a morning person Pancakess 🌞
Welcome to the world of Arabia Dubai Culture Contrast First Eyeem Photo