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I'm open-minded friendly with pple...and I'm interested in photography:-) follow me at instragram meerarai16
With my love ❤️
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Indian dish
Flower crazy
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Beautiful place
Always stay calm and peace your moments to be cherished
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Fashion Dresses Live To Learn My Country In A Photo Bhutanese man-made enjoy the peace and happiness Asian Culture
Faces Of Summer
Bhutan visit buddhapoint Hello World Faces Of Summer
My clicks at buddhapoint at Thimphu Bhutan amazing governed with of druk Dragon.being Bhutanese im always blessed. Proud to be...
Traditional way of style and living so peaceful happy in her way. Live To Learn Hello World
Live To Learn
Live in moments Taking Photos Hello World
Summer Dogs my doggy...I loved his style awesome.he is great!
Creative Light And Shadow try to sketch some pictures Enjoying Life
My collection Taking Photos
Beauty of nature Faces Of Summer weather
YellowRose My Country In A Photo
Faces Of Summer
My watch.just a click Taking Photos
My clicks awesome flower
Just meh My Life
My Life Hello World
That's me.. . My Life Enjoy Ur Slef with full of Joy Guys.
BLACK AND WHITE Taking Photos Enjoying Life
My collection Taking Photos
My Country In A Photo Bhutan @Clock tower Beauty of nature. Hello World Asian Culture .
Hello World
Happy weakened Taking Photos Enjoying Life
Jst lik my destinations I believe Taking Photos Hello World
@paro Bhutan Taking Photos
It's me
Landscape awesome Hello World Paro
GOOG collection Flower Taking Photos
Asian Culture people worshipping almighty God at Thimphu Bhutan in the beautiful and blessed place. Taking Photos
Lovely Citycenter Taking Photos Hello World
Busy life running out... Taking Photos
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My photography:-) Taking Photos
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That's Shari.
It's me
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My country alys evergreen Taking Photos
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Dats me...
Seasonal flower
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