Meaningful. What does it MEAN to be MEANINGFUL? Does it MEAN to be loved? To be famous? To love? Many words have MEANINGS. I'm here to help.
Somethings are bound to happen. Like Taylor Swift righting a song about her life. ( Please don't get me wrong, I love Taylor Swift, It's probably b/c my best friend is a major Swifty ) Oh and I will {hopefully} be posting more. Love you all! We are almost at 60 followers! I'm so shocked!
These are just some of the qualties we all have.
Some people have many of friends. Maybe the reason some people don't have friends is because they don't chose to be a friend.
Laughter. What makes you laugh? Is it a funny joke, or a weird face. Laughter is a good thing, it relieves stress and builds friendship.
Part 4. ( Last one. )
Part 3.
Part 2.
Part 1.
Bacteria is everywhere. So is oxygen( O2 ), get use to it.
Be kind to everyone you meet because you never know when it might be your last day or theirs. If you are kind to others you could most likely save their lives.
Idolize. Some people look up to you. They may think, hey I wanna be like them, or just that they aren't tall, but you all have somebody looking up to you.
Cute. What does it MEAN to be cute? To have affection from another? No. To be liked? Maybe. It depends on your opinion.
" To love is to destroy. " - Jace, Mortal Instruments by Cassandra Claire
Books. The only thing between your own world and reality.
Secrets. The only thing keeping us from knowing the real you.
We're all different in our own ways. Yes, we may believe in Crumplebottom Snorklaks and others might not, but that doesn't mean it's not real.
( Not me in picture ) Love. Get use to it. Yeah, it hurts and heals but, you might've just found it though.
Some people wish for things. Others know they exist.