Maulidi Ridhani

Passionate in BnW Photography~
Maulidi Ridhani
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View of a dog on footpath
High angle view of dog on footpath
Low angle view of statue against sky
Scenic view of sea against clear sky
Side view of senior man sitting against cityscape
Close-up of flowering plant
Close-up of white flowering plant
Close-up of cosmos flower
group of people
Full frame shot of leaf
Close-up of fresh green leaves
High angle view of garbage can
Close-up of green leaves
Close-up of red flower on tree
Close-up of insect on flower
Close-up of purple flowering plant
Scenic view of sea against clear sky
Full frame shot of eggs
Low section of man walking on sidewalk
Panoramic view of field against sky
Traditional building against sky
Blurred motion of man looking at camera
Illuminated street amidst buildings against sky at night
Close-up of hand holding ice cream at night
Low angle view of building against sky
Close-up of a mushroom in the forest
Close-up of fresh green fruit
Close-up of red rose flower
Close-up of red flowering plants
Close-up of pink flower
Close-up of white flowering plant
Full length of young man looking away against black background
Low section of man standing on carpet
Low angle view of buildings against sky
Close-up of fruits
Close-up of apple on black background
Close-up of fruits on table