I'll try not to post too much cat's pics here too. From Nantes, France.
evocation... Blackandwhite Reflection L'ombre De Soi Même
Architecture Light Urban Landscape Clouds And Sky
Reflection Blackandwhite Studies Of Whiteness Eyem Best Edits
AMPt - Cafe Culture
Landscape Cafe Clouds And Sky Beautiful View
Reflection Streetphotography Red Urban Landscape
Architecture Blackandwhite Bnw_collection AMPt - Cafe Culture
Nature Light Light And Shadow Enjoying The Sun
Reflection Streetphotography Cafe Window
Cafe Red Interior Design Black
Blackandwhite My Favorite Place Bnw_friday_challenge Bnw_collection
Selfportrait_tuesday_nonchallenge Blackandwhite Light And Shadow
Architecture Streetphotography Blackandwhite Clouds And Sky
AMPt - Cafe Culture
AMPt - Cafe Culture
Blackandwhite Cafe Window
Architecture Blackandwhite Window Bnw_collection