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taken 2/18/14 ♡ follow me on instagram marie_maryjane14 follow me and I follow back;* ♡
Today at Hollywood Hollywood
yesterday's at Magic mountain Magic Mountain Smiling ^_^ Long Day
Repping The North Side Kissy Face :*
Today with her ♡♥ Giselle<33 Thugin! West Side Kissy Face :* #sunglasses
West Side Kissy Face :*
my tio and I Chilling With My Uncle Smiling ^_^ Old Picture New Years
Bored Af Bad Day Duck Lips ♥
Late Mcm❤ Mybabe<3 2/18/14
Reppin That West Side
today after school After School Smiling ^_^ Single Hmu Single Life
Kissy Face :* Duck Face Single Life
you can be my ride or die Ride Or Die ❤ Ill Be Your Ride Or Die Whether You Fail Or Fly
nights just begging MaryJane #Kush Maryjane Is My Valentine.
stay true and stay few♡ Single Life  Smiling ^_^ Red Hair Stay True And Stay Few ♡
over you.! you can have that bitch! Single Life  Smiling ^_^
the sister and I High Times Red Eyes Blazing It Smiling ^_^ #sister
Kissy Face :* First Eyeem Photo