Marie Sierra


hi I'm marie sierra (: follow me on instagram marie_maryjane14
happy birthday to me Birthday Girl♥ Kissyface (;
Stay true and stay few ♡ Kissyface (; Smiling <3 Stay True And Stay Few ♡
me my tio my little sister in the back and my other sister. Oh Shit The Patron Drunk Uncles Clutch. Drinking Beer Uncle And Niece I'm hol
blazing it Still Blazin Maryjaneinmylungs Smokeweedeveryday MaryJane #Kush
San Francisco San Francisco Smile There Faces Cracks Me Up!!!!  Such A Good Weekend!!
yesterday at San Francisco Yesterday ❤ Smiling <3 San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge Good Weekend
the other day TheOtherDay Drinking Beer Budweiser Ducklipssss❤
Smokeweedeveryday MaryJane #Kush Blazingg <3 Oldpicture
family bbq BBQwithFamily Smiling <3 Today Was A Good Day
sister and I her face tho Westsidee Smiling <3 Sisterstatus There Faces (;
sister and I Westsidee Kissyface (; Sister Love ♡ Sister Bond♥
navinah and I♡ BabyCousin Smile Cousin Love ♥
navinah and I My Little Cousin ❤ Westsidee Kissyface (;
old picture. when me and my sister went to a wiz khalifa concert! ♡ Wiz Khalifa ♥ Oldpicture That's Me My Sister & I
follow me on instagram Marie_maryjane14
Smiling ^_^ Goodday Teamdimples
going to visit my grandma! ♡ it been 3 years since you been gone. You were my one and only grandma miss you and love you!♥♥
I think I like you A.M Crushing. .♥ Smiling ^_^ Fucked Up Instatagapp_instagood_iphonesia_photooftheday_instamood_igers_instagramhub_picoftheday_instadaily_bestoftheday_igdaily_webstagram_instagramers_statigram_igaddict_blackandwhite_iphoneartists_iphoneonly_jj_forum_iphonography_instagrammers_instaaddict_
BeingMyself MaryJane #Kush Potleaf #earrings #love #marijuana Blazingg <3
Watching the game Lakersnation  Kobe Bryant 24 Kobe Bryant Back
I want to get this tattoo designs! ♡ Tattoo.~
smiling but your not the reason no more! Smiling ^_^ That's Me Peace ∞ Ducklipssss❤
the cousin nug hella big Nug Blazingg <3 Potleaf #earrings #love #marijuana
Watching mob wife reunion Oneofmyfavoriteshows Mob Wife
I like how my dimples came out Westside Ducklipssss❤ Smiling ^_^ BeingMyself
me and daisy in p.e Smiling ^_^ P.e Chilling :)
just bored being myself Taking Photos Ducklipssss❤ BeingMyself Peace ∞
my little cousin and I Oldpicture Westside Ducklipssss❤ Littlecousin
ditch school to get high with my cousin Taking Photos Ditching School.  Blazingg <3 MaryJane #Kush
Taking Photos Ditching Class Smiling ^_^ Ducklipssss❤ ditch school bored at my aunts house
Relaxing Smiling ^_^ Goodday Taking Photos