Maria Amaya


KFHS | Houston Texas | 0425 | Bisexual | Music <3 |
Houston , Tx ♥ ~
I Knew It . I Fucken Knew It All Along -.-
My Everything ♥
My Everything ♥
Throws Up The H ♥ (x
I Will Foeevaaa Love This Picture .
Me Momma And Lil Sis
Missing My Baby :(
One Hell Of A Night
My Girlfriend ♥
Right Now 
Just Eating Her Tacos Lol
I Fell Inlove With This Dog <3
They Are Like Family To Me
You Know Just Being A Little Nasty ;)
Cuddling With My Baby
<3 /.^
I love my chubacka
My Baby
I Miss His Funny Ass :(
Arianna And Me
Awwe (,:
Them Kisses Tho <3
We Are Fucken Cute <3
Sad Face Tho Lol
My Baby . It's Offical (,:
W3 FUuNnY Do3
Yes . .
Please And Thank You .
Going Thru My Pictures And I Find This Lol I Miss His Bitch Ass .
I Wish A Nigga Would
Me .. Brushing My Long Red Hair ..
I LOVE Him <3333
I Love Her So Fucken Much
Tryna Look Cute With Her NAPPY Ass .
It Was Like Made For Me
Filling Up The Tank
Attacking My Face Tryna Kiss Me And Shit .
Sick . No School   Fml .
Todays Outfit
I Told Him Daniel Was My Bf <3 Lol
In The Morning Lol
Julianna Is A Trip ._.
I Fucken Love Ma Baby .
Today , No Make Up Lol
My Baby
Ma Niggas
I Love Her <3
Houston Texas Baby <3
Ma Nigga