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I am newly interested in photography ism a scrapbooks to storytelling with pictures.
The holy chapel in Florence Hello World
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Sculpture by Micheal Angelo
Marcy Sanchez
Marcy Sanchez
Indians choctaw's in my blood Enjoying Life
The Human Condition divinci portrait of the lord supper
My first daughter the night of her sr. Prom
Angels Enjoying Life
My daddy when we weren't sure if would make it or get his memory back
My terrible two year olds my grandparents
Heartbreaking seeing your grandson on Christmas morning this sad
A picture after ww11 expressing the ability of woman's equally able to work early faminisim
People having a great time at a concert
Very poor people trying to get water to bring back to were they lived
Me holding my youngest and only granddaughter its a great time in life when you have grand babies
My moms holding my grandson its a very Special love
My grandparents. I feel love and longing to have them back I loved being pampered by them
My great grandmother on her wedding day to a grown man and go on to have 18 kids did she expect that maybe that's why she looks terrified
The first Sanchez in my family to bring his family to America from Madrid, Spain it makes me grateful and curious at the same time
To the south he represents industrialization beginning in the north and loss of of homes taking their lifestyle away on the presence of slavery he himself had slaves corruption in government isn't new
Who does she Greece for she seems in complete pain and lost
Baby is entertaining with Hey little show of just a Happy baby
Even watching his twin brothers fighting over toys doesn't even destruct Him from his pain
The little boy is isolated and heartbroken missing someone On Christmas
Withering despaired he seems to have given into it after his death the greatness he sought Is realized in his paintings Picasso
They also have to work hard for what little they have
These seeds give hope of another harvest
This couple work hard at their older age show grit and persistence
They are homeless as the lady try's to make mill for them yet she look at the baby with a serene expression who or what could make her content maybe divine intervention
The only water they have to drink or use to wash their dishes and bath in
These are homeless man trying to keep warm and eat if they find something that needs cooking that would be agood day all over the world this is happening
Be honest a stir of anger comes over the middle easterners I f all beliefs this I believe is a state of human emotion
A impoverished mother caring for her child this is life all over the world
Jesus reaching out to Peter who feared and began to drown just he reaches the lost or drowning in sin
Stimulates patriotics and Christianity both with Jesus on the cross in the background of the flag
The women of The world would agree he is hot hr brings happiness just looking at him
Man made yet men fear it why are they still created it's the enemy of the world
I think it's meant to convey human life is held in the hands of Mother Nature rather the true creator GOD, people or turning from what they knew
A man expressing his anger for making him feeling slighted or oppressed digesting black power
Selena is posing sweetly innocent and carefree we know it's a set up this way but even her eyes seem to say it from her soul
Looking more like a victim of the cockiness of fame
The beauty man can create when they have art in there life
Taking great pride in her trophy's that's a empty life
The last ride of death to the world
There serious about their shoe's
Dad taking kids to see exhibitted what can destroy the world by war or the destruction of our enviroment
A group of people for the same reason showing unity
Macho men proving that brut strength is what they thing men's being a man
A example of gluntney and greed, also how people stair and treat the obese he can take the suite off but many can't.
Reaching for it all
Looking at the world move on while she watches behind the fence keeping her out
We are trying to suppress the evil inside and in the world
One of the major brains of our times
Our hero's in defending our flag and freedom
Truly living in the sticks
Little girl lost and scared in the world alone
Falling into despair in the dark whole of lostness
The noise in his head or life is maddening
Hope for the future
Last chance
Mom seems in awe kids enjoying the attention
Relaxing, content
Complete joy
Angels are who Christians know are present always . You have to believeand prey and GOD will send them to aid you in time of need but faith is crucial!
My first grandchild Landon he is 4 years old until May the fith. He is doing tricks with his soccer ball Isn't He Gorgeous
Johnny Depp
Watching law and order
I posted it wrong this is a puzzle I did from Apple app. And took a picture of
I posted it wrong this is a puzzle I did from Apple app. And took a picture of
I posted it wrong this is a puzzle I did from Apple app. And took a picture of
Picture from the New Orleans zoo
Picture from the New Orleans zoo
My chicken coup/ greenhouse
BBQ in my yard
A tree in my yard
Marcy Sanchez a tree in my yard
My yard
My yard
My yard
My chicken coop and greenhouse in my yard
My yard
My yard
My yard