Marcus Galloway


Ice coffee and hennessy...I got shit to do
Houston a dope ass city
She the best mother in the world
Every second with her the best doesn't matter if it's 20 minutes a day
Even I couldn't kill me I understand why I'm a make the world scream LiveItBrands
She said Turnnnnnn up and live it
The ironic part of this post I took it off a cook county judge ig...stand and fight for what u love LiveItBrands
Go follow that dude HollywoodFlo @floview this dude brought the best out me n he don't even talk much lbs
Giving her a 2nd chance to fix the mistakes n be happy means the world to me
If u know me then u know ....even if u don't like me
Ma we came a long way from mayonnaise sammiches LiveItBrands Liveit
No dreams just get up and Liveit LiveItBrands
The best is yet to come LiveItBrands
My grill game like jordan with a basketball
Fajitas soaked in 100 proof 1800 tequilla GrillMonster
So tired but so motivated.......cut the dead weight off n feeling like myself again me n @mslindseypaige got some big announcement coming up...all I can say is SHOWS!!!!!! Plus taking care of my daughter at the same damn time!!!!!! RespectIt LiveItBrands
Whippin like her daddy
Smile n bring some positive shit to ya life LiveItBrands
No job for me......NOT NOW NOT EVER
This young man the truth.....I said it a week ago!!! Beardown
Even when I'm chillin I'm don't stop!!!!!
W/ this dope women in my corner I can't lose!!!!!!! And she got me like no other!!!!! Everybody be talking what sound good....she makes it look good with that action !!!!!!! @mslindseypaige @mslindseypaige @mslindseypaige and s.o to the one and only T Boz!!!!! LiveItBrands
They will eat ya ass
I don't 3ver wanna leave here
Two of the best ppl and friend I could have.....2 people that will keep it real even if u don't wanna hear it....thank u bro for the tough love n happy 6th anniversary to u and your wife @jeremy8809 @thatgirljacqueline
We fell out of love for a Lil but I just couldn't leave u alone Music
Feeding catfish in the Gulf of Mexico
Me and @sanibanks gettin it in last night @ 713 Studios in Houston
Sony c800 ....I fuck wit this mic
Gonna put the Hennessy down n finally see what this about Pineapple Ciroc
Out here with my lil princess
Out here ridin thru Houston
Go follow my bro @jamescagne we got two new joints I'm bout to go lay tomorrow LiveItBrands OSMM
The real queen of the castle
These women got me drunk on these martinis. .....convinced me to leave the Hennessy in the freezer
@mommy2ariella_ knows what's up Footballseason
Time to smash Catfish Shrimp Greens n a toxic drink
Couple bottle for the b day and bears game before I bounced last night
Exactly what I needed....get the fuck outta town to refresh my mind and soul
My birthday eve......what's the best spots in Houston
Fresh off the plane straight to the grill
On her first flight on our way to Houston
It's My Birthday Weekend Tho
Who Ain't Seen This Video Diamondintherough dir by @peoplezsinatra Diamondintherough LiveItBrands MarcusDerek
The home studio finally done
Jus picked my baby girl up something to play with
Houston we touching down Sunday
Off to Houston this weekend then Miami the next week ....just on some daddy shit for a few days til I fly up outta here
New video out Diamondintherough link in bio
Ready to spend my b day here and bring our brand to this dope ass city....what's good Houston we gonna be here the 15th-24
My heart
Listen to it...u might just put it in ya top's what the politics in this game scared of
We used to be decent...I was a spoiled kid....til the day that the feds kicked the door in Diamondintherough video out now....links in the bio dir by @peoplezsinatra LiveItBrands
BTS shooting Diamondintherough
Some people say they got u no matter what....some people show it and don't say to much BTS shooting my video Diamondintherough wit my Bros @peoplezsinatra x @cainwildbeats
Gotta put the new doors up to separate the kitchen and living room finish a Lil painting a Lil more sound proofing and the all new LiveItBrands Studio will be open for business
New vocal booth finished Studio LiveItBrands
Miami after we leave Houston we are on our way there Sept 24th thru the 29th
Houston LiveItBrands is sliding thru for a visit.... what's the hottest clubs n places to hit?????? CityNearYou campaign kicks off wit y'all we gonna be there the 15th thru the 24th n I'm spending My bday with y'all Liveit
Just dropped a new video....go tune in dir by @peoplezsinatra Diamondintherough
I normally don't let the world into to much of my personal life but I dont want what happened to my family happen to ANYONE .....I bought a huge house for my daughter and family so my daughters mom arranged the move and this company who goes by TWO MEN AND A TRUCK. WHO ARE NOT THE REAL TWO MEN AND A TRUCK STOLE EVERYTHING WE OWN ALL THE WAY TO OUR DAUGHTERS CLOTHES.... WE LOST EVERYTHING!!!!!! IT SEEMS THE TARGETS ARE WOMEN THEY THINK MAY HAVE MONEY CUZ THEY USE EXTORTION IN AN ATTEMPT TO CASH OUT AND BRING YOU YOUR SHIT BACK SUPPOSEDLY.... Don't fall for this shit or use anyone to move your belonging on Craigslist
Much love for all the support and people buying the EP
We might finally start to fight back....not as a race but as the people
Been a minute since I opened pro tools.... shit like riding a bike LiveItBrands
She a studio rat Daddybaby MyPrincess
Tore it all apart to rebuild it stronger than imaginable..... studio coming along nice...... got it out the mud fa real LiveItBrands
Bro always there when a muh fucka needs a helping hand @cainwildbeats getting the new studio set up n alot more LiveItBrands
The caption tho Trust
Glad to see another day....someone didn't
She wide awake Daddybaby
This shit pathetic....
Flashbackfriday the day my life changed
Go get motivated HoweverUSeeThingsLifeExpectsResults
City Near You Campaign coming to Houston Sept 15-24 n Miami 24-30 LiveItBrands
Take ✈✈✈✈✈
Houston and Miami for 2 weeks Moves Vacation Allinone Lifestyle LiveItBrands
Latepost Grind Stack Live
Grind hard relax and live
Couple successes a couple failures a couple left a couple ima smoke a couple n build some shit you never seen!!!!!! LiveItBrands
So when we gonna say Fuck all this black white latino asian shit and take control of our country and GOVERNMENT
For a while it felt like errything I tried to do fell thru by fault or by fait... either way shit led me to right here to advance to wherever I may go
It all works out
Best dogs in the world Pitbulls
Just living
That time of night ?????? JustWaitOnIt
My princess Ariella
It's a process....but survive it and be the difference
The New Element in fashion and entertainment.... the all new will be up soon!!!!!! LiveItBrands LiveItEntertainment
@richmassiah_ oml ??????
Y'all ready for the City Near You campaign?????
Live It Brands and Entertainment..... the New Element in fashion and music the all new will be public soon!!!!!