Marcela Garza


Mexican, Architect, Photographer and Designer. Mother of one and married to the love of my life. Panda lover and moments collector.
Bunny erasers
Happy Easter
My daily dose
Baby succulents
Flower Peach
Tu Tu Ballerina
Safety Belt
Cami with her
Clean Lucha
Horse next door
In your eyes
Spring is near
Los Churros
The rain is
Rain and
Piña Colada
Blue Summer ☉
Swimming Kids
The grill Grill
Riding with a
Pumpkin Candy
Flautitas para
Little girl
Little girl in
Lights in the
A family of
A base with
A street cat in
Burgers on the
On the road
Grandma lifting
A senior couple
View of the "m"
View of San
Crazy 😜
Sleeping beauty
Mini Roses
Love for
Easter egg
Easter bunny 👯
Tacos parados
Four girls
A plastic
A one year old
A bunch of
Catrina Day Of
Little girl and
Collie dog,
Sugary candy on
Cat in the
Self portrait
Grandma with
Cooking fried
Chile Piquín
Having a very
Lovemycity This
Las hermosas
Cuz I'm
Panem Bistro,
Home is.. Roots
Pan de Muerto y
Photoshoot with
Delicious corn
Couldn't take a
Painting Feet
Cami painting
Painting Paint
What I Value
La Huasteca and
Finding signs
A palm tree
Rainbow cookies
Pianista Piano
From my rooftop
Baby Owl
My mom has been
Lovely Rocco
Found something
Latasha our
Huasteca Nuevo
Shades Of Grey
Here comes the
Shades Of Grey
Peppers from my
That's Me Hi!
Having fun at
We went to meet
Bffs ❤ Girl
Grill Oxidation