Kristen Cruz


I go to school :) ! And I love my best friend Melany ! I'm single <\3 ! And I love the 49ers
Gameboy !!
Jim And John
My Best Friend And Me !! <3
My Best <3 She Leaving !!
Me And My Best Friend !! She Moving !
In School Dressed Up As A Nerd !!
Shine Bright Like A Diamond
My Cousins !!
My Cousin's And Me
Me At DisneyLand !!
49ers All Day Every Day !!
Taking Photos
Friendship For Life ❤
At Thee Dentist
My Sister And Me Acting Funny !! :D
At Starbucks :)
Hanging Out
Like A Boss !!
No School Today !!! :)
Hanging Out
Thug Life Drinking Coke Cherry !!:D
Hanging Out
Bored :/
On My Way To School (:
Joe Montana is the best !!
My cousin nd me !!
That's Me
In Tennesse
Taking Photos
Taking Photos
Hanging Out
Getting Ready For School
Taking Photos
I'm Eating
Hanging Out
Hanging Out
Chillin At School
Hanging Out
Hanging Out
Thug Life
Hanging Out
My best friend and me !! ❤