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Sadness over concrete jungle Selfie Chiaroscuro  EyeemPhilippines EyeEm Mkunss Makuness Maku Selfportrait Shadows & Lights Blackandwhite Sad Sadness Pinoy Lgbt Concrete Jungle
Flowers to beloved Flowers Wedding Plants Plants And Flowers EyeemPhilippines EyeEm Pixels Light Lifeevent Life StillLife Mobilephotography IPhone Photography
Verdict Creative Mobilephotography Photography EyeemPhilippines EyeEm BeingCreative School Furnitures Creativity
Orientalized EyeEm EyeemPhilippines Oriental Lightanddark Creative Creativity Pinoy Restaurant Photography Mobilephotography
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Cat moment 🐱 EyeemPhilippines EyeEm Cat Moment Blackandwhite Photography BeingCreative Creative
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somewhat editorial eye makeup pictorial :D Eyemakeup EyeEm Creative Photography Somewhat Editorial  EyeemPhilippines Eyefie Photography Creativity Drama
"How I was stronger than ever" EyeEm Photography Blackandwhite Creative Photography Selfportrait Strong Androgynous EyeemPhilippines Creativity Throwback
"I unable to forget you, the memories still lives but the feeling is gone" EyeEm EyeemPhilippines Photoquote Sunset Creativity Photography Beach Nature Drama Puertogalera
Behold The Orb Sunset Itsmorefuninthephilippines Makuness Maku EyeemPhilippines EyeEm Sunset Beach Puertogalera Sea Enjoying The Sun
Summer Memoirs EyeemPhilippines EyeEm Beach Puertogalera Itsmorefuninthephilippines Summer Makuness Memoirs Photography Creative
At The Front Of "The Past" EyeEm EyeemPhilippines Makuness Creative Past Front Light And Shadow Being Creative Photography Artsy
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Overview Riches Eyeem Philippines Creativity Creative Shot EyeEm
Now watching Courage the Cowardly Dog Nowwatching Courage Cartoon Gothamfilter
broken memoir Eyeem Philippines Creative Broken Memoir
test picture. -_- Testing
currently going home.. (risky to do this pos t>_<) Jeepney Eyeem Philippines Going Home Rissky
Kasta Jedar (valyrian) Taking Photos Skyporn Being Creative Eyeem Philippines Clouds And Sky Valyrian Cloudporn
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I've been looking for an idea for a very long time. Well, I have to launch my video episodes of GetDeeperWithMakuness. Is a video all about everyday experiences like problems, current events or anything then I make it a discussion for you. For now I'll be needing your ideas for launching this video. Ideas can be sent at my twitter account ( or my facebook page ( with hashtag GetDeeperWithMakuness There's no bad ideas let's be creative. Any ideas can be a bright idea Twit me: Like my page: Check out my Youtube Channel: Keep Moving Forward. Thank You. Help Makuness Eyeem Philippines Youtuber
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ghostly worthy and strong Creative Shot Being Creative Eyeem Philippines Self Portrait
devastating bleed in my confort Creative Shot Eyeem Philippines Being Creative Taking Photos
"summer view" Eyeem Philippines Montalban Creative Shot Being Creative
Reality right now is losing time Eyeem Philippines Creative Shot Taking Photos Being Creative
"Never let go what it comes for you or else regret is your haunting foe"Creative Shot Taking Photos Eyeem Philippines Photo Quote
Another DIY Jean shorts :D YEY! Eyeem Philippines Doityourself DIY Jeans
exclusive selfie I want to share this only here at eyeem :D Exclusive  Selfie Makuness Eyeem Philippines
Selfie for this hot midnyt >_< Selfie Eyeem Philippines Hot Midnight Midnight Selfie
Missing Skyies Skyporn Creative Shot Eyeem Philippines Nostalgic
"Faithcat" (Note: this is a not a beheaded cat it just in a dark place flashed on led :D) Faith Cat Creative Shot Eyeem Philippines
Terrified I'm still awake... hmmm >_< need to go to sleep Eyeem Philippines Halfie Wide Awake Taking Photos
Need to renovate the tumblr page >_< Renovation Makuness Taking Photos Eyeem Philippines
broken day Taking Photos Eyeem Philippines Creative Shot Photography
me selfie chiaro Creative Shots Taking Photos Chiaroscuro  Eyeem Philippines
Remnant of your demise Makuness Taking Photos Creative Shot Eyeem Philippines
grabbers smize Cat Creative Shot Makuness Eyeem Philippines
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