I don’t wanna think about, What’s gonna be after this, I wanna just live right now. <3
From Christmas Eve at midnight ✌️
Got to meet AUSTIN MAHONE ???❤️❤️❤️ "you blinked" touched him twice!
Because I like this picture...
Snapchat pictures I save.
My princess! <333 love her to death! Hashtag eleven.
Little blurry but... <3
He's precious ??
Because school..
Saturday morning breaks.
I love these boys <3
Because I miss him... Summer was a blast with this guy! I really miss him and can't wait to see him soon!
Love this kid! Throwback
Love ma baby (:
Hung out with the crew last night at the hookahbar then Denny's ! :) :) :)
On my days off <3
The other night when I actually didn't have to lie about where I was. Hung out with bae (:
Today, tomorrow, everyday. ?
Last night was fun (: Memories Summer2k14
Happy Fourth of July! ????⚪️?
Those adventure fun filled days with the bae and the crew <3 Allday Daysoff HookahBar Sushi
Those nights when we get off work (: Throwback
I know it late but I was beyond proud of my best friend when he graduated. I love him soo much ?
Got my love a ice cream cake on his birthday. Can't believe he's graduating tomorrow! I'm so emotional right now! ??????
My best friends birthday was on the 5th and it's just crazy how time flies! We have watched each other grow through the past few years and I love him so much! Words can not explain. ❤️
Gonna miss him!!! Amazing manager. Never forget. Mondaynight ♡
Cor cor (:
Love them sooo much! My coworkers >>>
I hugged her!!!! ???
MET MY IDOL/BESTIE. Best birthday ever! ??☺️?
On the way to see Bethers!
Felt pretty :)
My 19 birthday! Birthday outfit ?
Cute outfit <3
I love my bestfriend soo damn much. I think about him all the time and everyday something reminds me of him and I find myself smiling. We don't see eachother as often as we used to but it's okay because our friendship is true. We can grow separately but not apart. I know that no matter what goes on in my life I can always go to my bestfriend and I will find myself in him and I will be at peace. There's something about him that makes everything okay. I never want to lose him. Love him forever & always ❤
Fuck y'all I look cute with glasses too! ✌
Got my nails done for the first time! (:
You'll never know if you never try, to forget your past and simply be mine. <3
Missing my bae... </3
Just sooo happy with my piercing :) :) :)
New straightener <333
Final destination ✌️
Throwback to our mini road trip (:
Goofy pics(:
Still going strong! <3 Bestfriends <3
Red hair don't care.
Red hair don't care.
My other half <3
contacts <3
When i went back to help decorate for homecoming (:
Server probs... </3
selfies in the car. ✌
selfies at walmart :) Selfie
Oh my love. <3 it was nice to see my other half (: Hanging Out Dayoff Missed Him Bestfriends <3
Minnie Mouse <3
Call me Belle ;)
My boo & I <3 Ihop
My favs at ihop (: <3
Check out that phone case :)
My lipgloss is poppin'
I love freezes from Taco Bell <3 Infinitesummer
Jess & I at Montgomery fest. (:
Aww my baby got really sick towards the end of the day & fell asleep in the way home. </3
Were cute. I love him sooo much. I had a great time with him, even though he was sick :(
Toy Drive with this wonderful guy. :) Dayoff Chicago  Besties :)
How cute are we? (: Call us adorable <3
A drop in the ocean, a change in the weather, I was praying that you & me might end up together.. <3
Drive in with my bestie!
New perfume! <3 I love the name of this one :)
Went to prairie fest with my bestfriend & it was pretty bangin! I had a blast! <333 anything can be fun if you're with the right people. :) #fair #summer #2013
Oh yeah, my bestfriend & I can never be mad at each other & I love him soo much & I'm soo glad we worked things out & it's all good now. <3
Selfies In The Car
Graduation 2013
Love her soo much, don't know what id do without her <3
Oh yeah I graduated on Saturday nbd. (:
I don't think he knows how much I miss him. Literally feel an empty space.