If you are not a flower I don't like you. Pale Love ♥ IDK Pink Flowers Nature Spring Sunny☀ Beauty Flower Orchids Margaritas
Am I pretty? Yeah, at least for your eyes. That's Me Forever Yours ♥ Pale Messy Hair Love ♥ Being Ugly Purple Music IDK Pink
I used to think we were forever baby. That's Me Broken Heart Past Sorry
Secrets I have held in my heart. I wanna be yours. Arctic Monkeys Pale Song Lyrics Choker Forever Yours ♥
I'm a mess darling. Hi! Messy Hair IDK That's Me
Show me how to love. That's Me Enjoying Life IDK Love ♥
Maybe the other photo wasn't the last, of couser it wasn't, I'm still in the party so...Happy New Year ❤ Happy New Year Champagne Enjoying Life
Last photo of 2014, happy new year :) Cat♡ Blue Eyes Mycat
I wish I could be skinny, and beautiful, and the boys like me, I don't know, maybe have a boyfriend, but no, I'm just a fat and ugly girl who anybody wants, it sucks, it sucks to be that, maybe if someon loves me, the things may change, but now, all I can do, it's hate myself, and wait for dead. Skinny Being Ugly Hatemyself
They are just flowers. Nature Autumn Flowers
She was alone but still alive. Nature Flower Autumn
Pink and not like the life. Nature Flower Pink
One person, two sides. That's Me DoublePersonality Crazy
Hey guys! I have and Ask now, I answer everything, if you want you can left there a cuestion, I'm gonna upload photos and some of my writings :) Here is the link That's Me Ask.FM
Love you <3 My Dogs Are Cooler Than Your Kids My Dog Cute
I love nature more than I love people. Nature Sunny☀ Autumn
I would like to be able to be pretty, but beauty comes at a price and I can't afford it... That's Me Beauty Being Ugly
Hate the sun, love the yellow. Flower Yellow Sunny☀
The winter is coming, I feel it on my petals. Flowers Autumn Pink
I Wish You Were Here. Song Lyrics Avril Lavigne I Miss You
Hi Cat, miss you.
Y así, una etapa de tu vida que creías que no acabaría nunca, seoxidó hasta destruirse... Cutting Scars Happier Razor
Todavía recuerdo cómo escuchábamos música los dos, y nos presentábamos bandas, y compartíamos historias detrás de esas letras. Music I Miss You Love Friends
Quisiera que volvieras, que me abrazaras, que me dijeras que todo va a estar bien de nuevo, porque lo necesito, necesito que tu me digas que todo estará bien otra vez, porque, aunque no lo creas tú eres el único del que quiero escuchar esa frase... Vintage Him<3 Sorry I Miss You
Another beautiful rainy day. Rain Hello World
Starting the day.
Moooorning ;) Good Morning! Morning
Cute<3 Dog Animal Love Cheese! My Dog
Well... Scars Vintage Selfharm
Nothing better for this night. <3 Goodnight✌ Chocolate
Sometimes I hate summer. Summer ☀ Vintage That's Me
Fuck...<3 Love Him<3
I really miss the razor over my skin, watch how my arm is bleeding, I want to cut my self again, I really want to... That's Me Selfharm Razor Blood
Ellas <3 Friends Taking Photos Enjoying Life Cheese!
Others I hate you. Love Clothes Blue That's Me
Tristemente lo estoy. Hate Black & White
Y si voy y te digo que te necesito...volverías a abrazarme como la primera vez? Alone Need A Hug Tears Cried
Te odio por los sacrificios que hiciste por mi, te odio por todas la veces que sangraste por mi, te odio por la forma como me sonreías al mentirme, te odio por nunca controlarme. Blood In This Moment Hate
-Pero porque mierda haces esto? Por razones que tu no entenderias. Cutting
Too fat for him. Fat Ugly Need Him
Te amo mas que todas esas perras con las que has estado antes. Bitches LoveLana Del Rey
Oh niña tonta, necesitas ser mas feliz. :) Being Silly Happier
Que duele mas? El corte o la razón de el. First Eyeem Photo Cutting