Smacc Daniels


Dope Shit SupaFly Oso100 Smaccy_D
Oso100 Dope Shit SupaFly Smaccy_D
My eyes stay on the prize even when the road ahead of me seems a lil hazy DOPE Outlandish Oso100 SupaFly SmaccyD
On a constant hustle... steady n consistant progress...take charge of your situation...You control the outcome..Outlandish Oso100 SupaFly DOPE
Get straight to it....Smaccy_D tell um lyke this...."1thang fa sho & 2 thangs fa the main attraction when they pull bacc the curtain"...Oso100 SmaccyD SupaFly Outlandish Dope
Realchat SupaFly ... Smaccy_D tell um lyke this...."just lyke my suspenders... u gotta stay down till its time to come up " Oso100 SmaccyD SkyDive RealNiggaMovements
Vendetta on a bitch nigga...Oso100 SupaFly SmokeSuffa
Another hit on its way StudioFlow SupaFly SmokeSuffa SmaccyD OnTheBeat Oso100
Doobie Sent This jar of inspiration out to all who enjoy it. Oso100 SmokeSuffa SmokersOnly SupaFly
Ya bitch lyke a dude wavy lyke the Santa Cruz shoreline...Skydive BaccwoodBurner Oso100 BayAreaNigga
I shine lyke this cause i was taught to grind lyke this??? TeamSexualChocolate Trappin BayAreaNigga BaccwoodBurner Oso100
I grind I shine hard....Oso100
Ucit Oso100 BayAreaNigga
Ucit Oso100
Message!! Oso100
I live it HighKidsDoThatShit Highlife CaliLife Oso100
Camo Levis wit Camo nike sb's CaliLife Oso100
Oso100 Skydive
Nuff said SmokeSuffa SmokersOnly BaccwoodBurner Oso100
Wet CB34 Oso100
Skydive Oso100 BaccwoodBurner
Bout to roll up at halftime Skydive Oso100 BaccwoodBurner
TBT  TeamSexualChocolate Oso100 A Nigga been handsome since i was the first Grandson!!!
SupaFly SmokersOnly Oso100
SupaFly SmokeSuffa SmokersOnly BaccwoodBurner Oso100 A1FromDay1
LP Prepare4ThaTakedown Oso100
SupaFly Oso100 A1FromDay1 BaccwoodBurner
In traffic BaccwoodBurner Oso100 A1FromDay1 SmokersOnly supafly
Top of the mornin BaccwoodBurner SupaFly SmokersOnly PPZ Oso100 A1FromDay1
Mylove 4ever Oso100 oA1FromDay1
Kermit GassinHoes Oso100 A1FromDay1
BaccwoodBurner MarleyHype Vampin Lit Oso100 A1FromDay1 supafly SmokersOnly
BaccwoodBurner Bubbakush MarleyHype Oso100 A1FromDay1
MarleyHype GanjaSmoker Oso100 A1FromDay1
Tap That Tuesday.... 1st Post Ttt ... Feel free to post your own Ttt photos....
I aint wit the paper plane movement.... BaccwoodBurner Aries Greensmoke Bubbakush SmokeSuffa Oso100
MyTribe Missthemsomuch Oso100
BaccwoodBurner Oso100
July4th BaccwoodBurner Oso100
GasBreakDip Upoutmyface Oso100 A1FromDay1
Movin n groovin... PPZ Oso100 A1FromDay1 2ndgen 408 SouthBayBizznes
Old pic but a nigga on his way bacc to this Oso100 A1FromDay1 MaccYaBitch
Happy Birthday to my Bookins! Love you with all my heart! 4yearsold ??? Oso100 Love4ever
Lets play a game yall..... the name of the game is "Name these Tities..." Ready...Set...Go! Oso100 A1FromDay1
Tu Oso100 oA1FromDay1 Fwm GetMoneyEryDay
SquaddShyt Oso100 A1FromDay1
GrabMyNutzOnYouHoes A1FromDay1 Oso100 SquaddShyt
SupaFly SquaddShyt Oso100 A1FromDay1