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Love the little things in life
Be proud to be who you are ❤️ Creativity Real People Front View Enjoying Life Like4like Likeforlike Likes Like Gayboy Gay Pride Gay
Quick quetzal drawing I made Check This Out Art Birds
Rosalina Hi! Check This Out Fantasy Art
Rutela... If you've played Zelda you'll recognize her. Had fun drawing her. Check This Out Fantasy Art Zelda
Did this a while back, recently added the background color though :) Check This Out Fantasy Art Drawing
It's been a while, but here's my latest piece :) Check This Out Fantasy Art Drawing
My drive back home Check This Out Fall Beautiful Enjoying Life
Love my home :) City Home Beautiful Day
Fall colors starting to show Beautiful Trees Fall Beautiful Day
At a convention Hanging Out Friends Suit & Tie Beautiful Day
Sunday funday!! Hanging Out That's Me Enjoying Life Beautiful Day
My room :), I made that stencil in the background by hand with a brush, I later added the birds. Enjoying Life Relaxing Check This Out Hanging Out
Oh the struggle to get new ideas to draw on paper, LOVE IT! Art That's Me Enjoying Life
Fi, another Zelda character I drew a while back Fantasy Art Drawing
Was an awesome night out with the guys Hanging Out Suit My Hommies Night
This little fella might look familiar to some... Hint, he's from a video game :P Fantasy Art Drawing Beautiful
Quick quetzal drawing I made at work Nature Birds Drawing Beautiful
Had a blast at the fair with the peeps Fair Light
This one took foreeeeever Art Drawing Color Portrait
Very first drawing I made using prismacolor color pencils Drawing Geisha Japan
Came out here to see the sunrise but... It's completely cloudy :P Beach Relaxing
One of the pieces I made bout a year ago :) Art Drawing Color Portrait
Fantasy Art Drawing Color Portrait
Just finished this 3 piece painting of a Sakura tree for a friend Art Painting Sakura Nature
Fantasy Art Drawing
Drawing Fantasy Art Color Portrait
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