Julia Bode


For a change in my Knitting routine I will be Folding some Paper today to learn how to make some little Books. Nice workshop at Coffi.
Mama started Sewing pillowsfor her Garden stools out of her huge collection of Gudrun Sjöden bags.
Preparing the Yarnbowl for Sawing. Happy weekend Knitting!
Mucki helping me with the Sewing. Tx, Kitty! 😋
Almost done with the Summer Sweater I am Knitting. Another week and I'll finally wear it.
Hoot hoot! Something is cooking in the Sewing pot. This little Owl will be with its new owner soon enough. Weekend Project
Finally got mynew Fabric from Stoffe.de to start Sewing the fabulous trousers from Handmadekultur. So excited!
Happy Wwkip. We are busy learning some new Knitting.
Using the Ipc15 conference lunch break for some Knitting.
Finally bought this Yarn from Ito that i wanted for quite a while now. New exciting Knitting Project coming!
Knitting during Hiking breaks. Favorite pasttime!
The Knitting treasure hunt is over for now. I did resist the Yarn though and only got supplies. :)
I am at BerlinKnits and already have set my eyes on like 50 different Yarn stashes. Dang, but still so many Knitting projects at home!
Here we go, the finished knit from the Knitting machine at Ots15
Hacking a Knitting machine at the Ots15
Knitting for a good cause: a loop scarf for Homeless people
Good morning to you too! Squirrel Early Morning Run
How can fried icecram not be a god idea? Fried Ice Cream Korean Food Fhain
Fall hiking in Brandenburg. Tag Der Deutschen Einheit
Home Relaxing Sunsetporn
No coffee, no work, my dear. Coffee ☕ At Office
The woods are lovely, dark and deep, but I have promises to keep, and miles to go before I sleep. Waldeinsamkeit Hiking❤ Thuringia
Street Art Writing On The Wall
Teaching Mama how to knit in rounds. Knitting Coffe Time
Blue morning First Eyeem Photo