Werner Waschke Photography

A selection
Werner Waschke Photography
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Panoramic view of landscape against cloudy sky
High angle view of people on table
Close-up of meat in plate on table
Close-up of tree against sky
Full frame shot of potatoes
Close-up of pumpkins in market
Close-up of vegetables for sale in market
Low angle view of a temple
Low angle view of apple blossoms in spring
Rear view of man wearing hat against sky
People in front of building against cloudy sky
Red boat in river against built structure
Full frame shot of sand
View of cathedral in city against sky
Low angle view of building
View of boat in water
Scenic view of sea against clear sky
Scenic view of mountains and cloudy sky
Scenic view of landscape against sky
Dog on road by lake against sky
Dog sitting on field
Dog on landscape against sky
Dog in snow
Close-up of dog
Dog sitting on field against sky
High angle view of dog lying on field