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Hi Im 17 years old, I enjoy being in the outdoors. love doing archery, fishing, trap shooting, most of all I love to hunt with my dad!!!!
I love being out in the wilderness and hearing the peace and quiet!!!!!
Just taken A Walk through the woods while snowshoeing was AWESOME!!!!❄️❄️☃️⛄️🍮☕️🍧🎉
Outdoor where I LOVE TO BE!!!!
Apparently someone thought that I was going on Vacation again or something 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔
Just a walk through the woods And found this !!!!!! PRETTY!!!! Peaceful and quiet 😊😊😊😊
Summer VACATION!! Out west
Fun time here this past summer !!!!!
This lake is so pretty. Wish we could of stayed longer!!!!!
I love these little guys!!!! They are so cute!!!!!
My 2 week summer vacation !!!! Sure was a fun one OutWest Outdoors❤
Great day opening morning. Sunrise Outdoors❤ Memories ❤ Father And Daughter
I got to celebrate this girls birhday with her this past weekend!!! Sure WAS FUN!!!!!! Party Gift Awsome Day ♥ Special Person
I love takeing photos with horses!!!!!!!!
Another onef
Photo shoot last month!!! I love how my photos turned out!!!!!!! Fall Outdoors❤ Horses..
The best place to spend my day. Up north bow hunting with my dad!!!!! Memories ❤ Outdoors❤ Big Buck Hunting Buddy
First ever badger game!!!! Collegefootball Bucky Badger Madison Collge
My best friend made this for me. Sure do miss you girl you left way to soon:(:(:(. Memories ❤ Best Friends ❤ Memories. Gone To Soon
I love this!!!! Outdoors❤ Fun Times ♥
SNAKE !!!!!
Good day of fishing !!!! Outdoors❤ Summer ☀ Fishing
BLUE GILL Went Fishing Catching Them Big Fish Outdoors❤
Love this little guy!!!!
ONE LUCKY HUNTER LAST YEAR!!!!! Enjoying Life Big Buck Outdoors❤
Up North  Turkey♥ Spring Turkey Hunting  my favorite part of spring
Went out for dinner on our 18 th birthday Wednesday !!!!!! Was FUN!!!!! Birthday 18 Birthday
Wish my best friend was with me turkey hunting. :(:(. Can't believe it's been 3 years:(:(;(
Ice shoves
Sunset!!!!:);):);) Outdoors❤
Pheasant hunting!!!! Outdoors❤ Hunting Buddy Great Times
The ice caves that only happen every couple years!!!! Outdoors❤  Up North
Park rangers Park Rangers
LONGEST winter ever!!!! Outdoors❤ Cold Winter ❄⛄ Black And White
4more months
BEST TIME EVER Outdoors❤ Memories ❤ Deer Hunting  Up North
Summer of last year !!! Outdoors❤ Summer ☀ Family❤
My favorite place to be in the fall on the weekends!!!!! Outdoors❤ Memories ❤ Father And Daughter
This past winter Cold Winter ❄⛄ Outdoors❤ Bay Field   Up North
Early morning sunrise Sunrise Outdoors❤ Ice Shoves hopefully the last winter snow fall!!!!!
I can't wait till sumner time!!!!:);):);):);):) Outdoors❤ Summer ☀
My favorite photo !!! Pretty sunset before an exciting opening day of the 9 day deer hunt in November!!!!!!!!!(2013) lots of memories made!!! Outdoors❤ Memories ❤ Hunting Buddy Miss This
How many Ducks can you count??????
Can't wait till Summer time!!!!!!
I got this in school yesterday!!!!!!!!!:);):);):);) High School Senior Year Academic
Summer time!!!!! Enjoying Life Outdoors❤ Summer ☀
Thanks to my hunting friend for take our photo!!!!:):):);) Outdoors❤ Memories ❤ Enjoying Life Hunting Buddy
Ice caves!!!:):):)  Up North
Hunting Buddy Outdoors❤ Great Times Spring Turkey Hunting fun times up north.!!!! Only 6 more weeks!!!! Can't wait!!!!!!!!
My most favorite place to be!!!!!!:):):):):) Outdoors❤ Memories ❤ Deer Hunting Hunting Buddy
Summer time:):):):):)
THE ICE CAVES up north Wisconsin!!!!! Outdoors❤ Family❤ Enjoying Life Check This Out
Just after a beautiful snow fall up north the day before opening day of the 9day gun deer season!!!!! Outdoors❤  Up North Great Times
Great times spent while duck hunting!!!!!! Outdoors❤ Memories ❤ Hunting Buddy
Sure had a great time last year up north hunting with my dad!!!!!!:):):) I don't know what I would do without a great dad like mine:):):):) Outdoors❤ Memories ❤ Hunting Buddy Turkey Hunting
Outdoors❤ Enjoying Life Summer ☀ Photo Shoot
Summer time!!!! Memories ❤ Outdoors❤ Summer ☀
Opening weekend of bow hunting!!!!!!?(2013) Outdoors❤ Memories ❤ Father And Daughter Hunting Buddy
A nice Fall day for a walk!!!!!2013 Outdoors❤ Enjoying Life
My favorite place to be!!!!! It just makes me happy to be where I'm so happy and where I love to spend the day here!!!!!!:):):) Outdoors❤ ! Memories ❤ ! Father And Daughter !!
Fun times at the cabin up north!!!! Outdoors❤ Summer ☀ ❤ Family❤ Memories ❤
This is what I think of it!!!!! Changed my life forever!!!!
Race track in Minnesota Memories ❤ Outdoors❤ Summer ☀ Family❤
Opening day of duck hunting!!!!!!!  Outdoor Duck Hunting Water
In memory of my best friend!!!!!!!!
My cousin a race car driver for many years!!!!!
GONE TO SOON!!! But never forgotten!!!!!! Memories ❤ Summer ☀ Best Friends ❤ I Miss You ❤
CAN'T WAIT TILL NEXT MONTH!!!!!!! Memories ❤  Outdoor Turkey Hunting Enjoying Life
STATE BOWLING!!!!! Memories ❤ Enjoying Life Senior Year Memories For Ever!!!!!
I DID A ROBIN HOOD!!!!!!!!! preparing for deer season!!!!! Summer ☀ Outdoors❤ Practice Enjoying Life
STATE BOWLING!!!!! It was such a GREAT YEAR!!!!!!!!! Memories ❤ High School Bowling Senior Year
Family vacation out west!!! Summer ☀  Outdoor Miss This Water Falls
Vacation!!!! Out west
Memories that will last forever!!! Will be with me for EVER!!!!! Memories ❤ Outdoors❤ Deer Hunting Enjoying Life
Senior photo Memories ❤ Summer ☀ Senior Year Senior Pictures
Me and my bowling coach before we went to state for bowling!!!!!! Miss This High School Senior Year Memories ❤
Vacation with my family!!!! (2013) Summer ☀ Family❤ Outdoors My Vacation
My favorite thing to do in the morning with my dad on a early Saturday morning on a nice fall morning.(2013) Outdoors❤ Duck HuntingFall  Outdoor
My Vacation Water Falls Summer ☀ Minnesota # nature
My hunting with my dad!!!! It was the best way to spend my weekend!!!! Last spring Enjoying Life Hunting Buddy Turkey Hunting Spring Turkey Hunting
Spending time with my cousin !!!!!!! Hanging Out Enjoying Life Cousins ❤ Family❤
Last bowling meet ever!!! Sure going to miss it when it comes September!!!!! Senior Year Bowling High School Miss This
Outdoors Senior Pictures  Water Summer ☀