kyla harden


Im just a girl who wants to make it in life...... Yeah but follow me
Need thiss nice hot bubble bath to get my mind off of things and other people and juss think about mee
Lol the back of my hair......its pretty though
Lol i wass lacking.......but i still look good...lbvs
Im outsidee todayy feels to good to waste the dayy insidee
Omg wat to do.i have reese (left side) and nick (right side) reese broke my heart but he's so sweet that i let him back in......and then i have nick he's there for me, but he also ignores me point is they both have flaws but i care for
I may not have everything in the world but thats okayy with me because the less u have the happier u r and the more u learn to appreciate wat u have.........and thats y im a little ungrateful....because i have a great mother who buys me a lot of things...
Would u believe me if i said in love baby?? .........
Ya gurl right here is the real fake shit all real beauty......real eyes real face real nose real smile real lips real ass real body real everythang....aint no joke better tell ya gurls tah get intune
I am your surrounding each and every way u fall ill be right there to pick u up and help u get right back on your feet.....i am your emotional buddy u cry i cry , ur happy im happy, ur mad im mad, u ready to fight shit im ready to fight to, i will always
Same thing callbacks but not the team
Late........but i made call backs but i didnt make the team.......didnt make the second cut :( :(
Its jus somethin bout thiss picture that i love
Lmaooo.........i look like chief keef ......eeewwwwww
Heyy everybody
Uhm idek wat to say
My face thoo
Lmaoo......i love those pants
Yess......can u believe that its meee
No comment juss follow me
Late......but mee.......i like my smile on thiss picture
Heyy yall
Another . .... .once again somebody should do it #708-238-3370
Somebody should ......#708-238-3370 call nd do it
Hurry and comment
Lmaoi my og lacking but looming right into the camera
That is soo truee exactly how i feel about someone
Last one from Monday
Got blurred but its still kinda pretty
This ugly too but its cool
Me monday but this ugly but imma still put it up
Another one from monday
And another
Another one
#lateuplaod but me on monday
Im like very bored anybody who follow me feel free to call but no wierdos calling kayy but yea call meee
Im over here having a lil photo shoot ....i really like the middle one
Me just uhm chillin
Yea this was yesterday too
Me yesterday on our stagee being goofy
Russia face
I love <333333 this picture dnt kno y its juss something to it
Late nd a lil ugly too
Late fforgot to put it up
Another from last night
Lmaooo made this lul thing in art
My lil self
Such an ugly smile
I love myself sounds like im conceited but im not really
Jus me
Lmao goofy me FMOIG @lovely_cupcakes
Like...#pretty #burntcaramel #lmaoo #ily #beautiful #looking #light #skinned #bye
Who knew...
Im me ..and thats all i,can b
Me ....
I look goofy but cute lmao
Lmao im weak
8 of these letters help
Help me please
Wat my mommy gave us on valentines day mines in da middle
Italian beef half gone
No edit believe it or not
No edit
Black grey nd white
Yesterday chillin
Very old
Buying Parts
Old But My First Pic On Here