Live for the moment and the future not the past. #ethiopian #God
With my shawty Prom2k14
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Offguard pics
He fell inlove with me lol..wouldn't let go
Spring ??
The ethio crew dance perform
The beautiful city that never sleeps
With the homies
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Party Time
With my lovely cousin
Look in my eyes n tell me u love me
Pool time
Waiting For The Bus
Fuck everyone and just be yourself #motivation
True Love
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Crazy Moments
Family love always... We cute yet? Lls
Im crazy ass cuz being normal is boring
Hanging Out
My gurls made it!!
Some good ass cake
Standing in the rain for bus hours sucks
Today stuy for exams at library
Thinking about you !!!
All I got do is smile and fight the pain that's going through !!
Love me hate will still be the wild me
Great Views
Me n the homie Beth
Sweet Guys
After Prom
Before Prom
Good day
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Chillin With My Homie
True shyt
In Class
Laughing My Ass Off
Times Square NYC
With the homies reunited
Me and my little boo