Louis Trapani


New media producer, tech & sci-fi geek, artist & photographer, podcaster. All photos here shot & processed on the iPhone. Visit arttrap.com
Something. Sunset IPhoneography ShotOnIphone
A little leftover holiday cheer discovered on my walk today. IPhoneography Ornaments
Apples (the fruit, non-tech). Fruit Fresh Produce
A pleasant ending of a pleasant day. Sunset on Fire Island
Taking A Break
Rainbow Bridge. What a way to close out the day today. Rainbow Sky IPhoneography
I spotted this white swan by the creek while biking today.SwannIPhoneographyy
I love Fire Island Kitsch
I'm Looking Up at the Towers
The view (well at least one of them)
It was close to 60℉ today. Unusual for February in these parts. So I went cycling. It was gray and overcast, but the sun did its best to peek through. It rained the rest of the day. Overcast Skies
From this evening's walk. IPhoneography Dusk
Puppy Parking on Fire Island
On a Photowalk at the NY World's Fair site. Taking Photos of the Unisphere, the last time I did, it was 30 years ago.
Looking Ahead