Candle Light Lowlight Bokeh
Candle Light Bokeh Lowlight Practice with low light
Flowers Blackandwhite Shallow Depth Of Field Spring
Portrait Portrait Of A Friend Woman Blackandwhite Noretouch Practice CameraShy
Action Shot  Bmx  Streetphotography
Bmx  Streetphotography Action Shot
Pet Photography  Animal Photography Dog Cute Shallow Depth Of Field My dog Charlie ☺
Looking To The Other Side Landscape Path Lifestyle Life Family Perserverance Motivation Hiking Hiking Trail Some pictures have stories and meaning. This one was a hike up to a waterfall. Started out easy and simple and then on to a difficult path. The trail became steep, rocky, and my knees began to hurt. It was not easy but we did not stop. We perservered. We finallly reached our destination. The most beautiful waterfall our eyes have ever layed upon. It was worth the struggle and pain. We reached our goal and rewarded with a majestic serene sight. Symbolic in my heart when I think about life. What lies ahead depends on whatever we do every day of our lives. Reach that waterfall. Reach the light at the end of that tunnel. - Lori
Waterfall Hungergames Landscape Waterfall that was in the first Hunger Games. Going to rent a few wide angel lens next time I go there. Was limited with my kit zoom lens.
Bmx  Action Shot  Streetphotography Bike VisualEffects
Streetphotography Bmx  VisualEffects Action Shot  Shot at a BMX show. Only did a color edit. I caught guy doing a stunt up in the air and looks as if he is riding the bike on the building. Pretty cool ☺
Waterfall Landscape First Eyeem Photo