Engineer, marketer working in the photography industry. Pictures shot with iPhone5 or CanonG9; edited w/ Snapseed, EyeEm; printed w/ PhotoSì
Panorama Countryside Italy Marche Monte Grimano Terme
Beach Geometry Kids Sea my daughter catwalking to the sea.
Warning : this Kite pretends to be a Manta - Beach
Peacock showing off
Looking at the Beach . Staring at the Clouds over the Sea . Waiting for the Storm to come.
Tree Picture taken with iPhone 5 AND edited with Splitpic  . IPhoneography Blackandwhite . The tree was in the garden of Corte Peron in Mantova - Italy
Mountains Lakes  Rifugio Nambino
guardando dalla finestra uno scorcio di lago. a glimpse of lake out of the window. From My Window Lake View Mountains
25 Days Of Summer In The Alps Austria Mountain
Taking Photos Of People Taking Photos Schattenspiel  Family Portrait Family portrait. Ritratto di famiglia
Taking Photos Of People Taking Photos Pigeons Venice, Italy
30' to wedding Taking Photos Of People Taking Photos Wedding Groom
Yellow Red Vespa Honda Colours. Nessun complesso di inferiorità.
a surprising breakfast Breakfast Surprise! Uninvited Guest
Glimpse Rome Bridges Ponte Milvio
in the flesh Roger Waters The Wall Rome
the wall of the fallen loved ones Roger Waters The Wall Rome
entering the arena Roger Waters The Wall
i love my hometown View On The Bridge Roma Water Reflections
Concert Zucchero
Going Sailing
Airplane Landing Turn Your Lights Down Low
Turn Your Lights Down Low
Cherry Tree
Hide And Seek
Flowers Cactus
Scene Of The Crime
At The Park Tree Fallen Tree
Wedding Party Fireworks Cake
Rainbow Wedding Party Fountain
Hanging Out Street Art Heart Having A Walk
Whats In My Bag
A star broke a dream ; Una stella ha distrutto un sogno Toys Broken
Hanging Out Beach Kite
Enjoying Life Kite
Beach Enjoying Life Kite
Hanging Out Beach Kite
Hanging Out
Raduno di Panda bianche
16' 24" in bicicletta da casa a lavoro.
Fire La Fogaraccia
Quando cielo e mare diventano una cosa sola
Foggy night at Technogym Village
Rainy Day