lil amateur photographer - Canon 600D
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Close-up of chain against black background
Low angle view of sign on building against sky
Portrait of smiling young woman in forest
Close-up of human hand against black background
Portrait of friends playing with ball in background
Low angle view of dog against blue sky
Rear view of woman looking at camera against sky
Rear view of people at illuminated nightclub
Rear view of man standing against illuminated city at night
Low angle view of illuminated lighting equipment at home
Close-up of wilted flowering plant
Close-up of white flower
Close-up of white cherry blossom tree
Close-up of insect on cherry blossom
Close-up of human eye
Close-up of buddha statue
Portrait of woman holding umbrella
View of a dog on field against building
Close-up portrait of dog
Close-up portrait of white dog
Close-up of flowering plant against sea
Low angle view of flowering plants against blue sky
Close-up portrait of young woman with eyes closed
Close-up portrait of woman with pink flowers
Close-up portrait of human eye
Close-up portrait of woman covered with snow
Portrait of girl in snow
Portrait of boy in snow
Portrait of woman with cat
Low section of person on lake against sky during sunset
Close-up of rippled water in lake against sky
Information sign on wall against sky
View of ducks on grass
View of a dog looking away against building
People walking on footpath in city
Close-up portrait of a teenage girl
Portrait of a young woman against blue background
building exterior