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Home Improvement
Home Improvement
today .
me and cacacrystal c:
today , ignore the sticker /.-
my nails (':
getting our nails did (':
I found this. Old ass picturee , but I like it..
I was looking thru my pictures nad I found this one c':
my babysister ready for the father douaghter dance (':
My bestfriend x)))
Blown ~
This morning c:
how they left me after they thru milk and soda on me :(
what my bestfren made me for ma birthday tomorrow c': <3
the blacker the berry the sweater the juice ;)
no make up ._.
ma big shirt ._.
off to la school c:
i look chubby .-. fuck it neon party c':
me & Jaileneiee (':
homeworks good for something x)
the names Juquanga.
thinking of a master plan.
lalalalal .
nsjsvsvsbsmaozy . <3
I kindaa like this picture c:
our ugly faces .