leslie williams


Live and work in Memphis,TN. Love kind people, crystals , animals, and photos :)
Cat trap Cats Cute Cats Animals Pets
We are both fighting to stay awake Cats Animals Best Friends
Cute little guy Frog Animals
When you could just cruise over to Tijuana, Mexico and walk right across the border California Mexico Tijuana Black & White
La Jolla California California Nature Ocean Beach
Tried not to get too close!! Ouch Arizona Desert EyeEm Nature Lover
I believe these are called century plants?? Odd but beautiful Dr. Suess type trees that i loved taking pictures of Arizona Desert Nature EyeEm Nature Lover
Took this in Arizona: the best place to take photos!! Arizona Desert Eyem Nature Lovers
Hugging trees Nature Eyem Nature Lovers  Trees
Dreaming of salmon and laser pointers Cats Cute Pets Best Friend Animal Love
Southern sunsets are the best Memphis Sky Porn Sunsets
Little bee mid-flight Flowers Flowers And Insects
Almost looks like an optical illusion Taking Photos Green Nature
So pretty and colorful Nature Flowers Taking Photos Colors
Cute little guy Flowers And Insects Nature Spring
Baby Buddy Cute Cats Cats
Cacti Cactus Succulents Nature
Shadows Shadows & Lights
Lone acorn EyeEm Nature Lover Atlanta
Lonely flower EyeEm Nature Lover Flowers Spring
Caught you mr mantis Nature Flowers And Insects Praying Mantis
I'm wrecking your blinds but it's cool because I'm cute Cats Animals Animal Love
Flowers for days = heaven Flowers Nature Spring Memphis
A window in the park Memphis Nature Hello World
Statute at my old apartment Memphis Sky Porn Clouds And Sky
So noble :) Cats Love Pets
I see a bee! Cats Cute Pets Animals Love
Love the fall!!! Fall Kentucky  Macro
My nose tastes better than yours Pets Cats Animal Love Animals
World famous Beale Street, such a fun place Memphis Beale Street! Tennessee Home Of The Blues
Lorraine Motel, Memphis..rip mlk jr. Memphis Dr. MLK Jr Tennessee Lorraine Motel
Sunset on the Mississippi Mississippi River Memphis Sunset
Memphis spring evening Memphis Sky Sky Porn Clouds
First view of the Pacific San Diego California Ocean Beach
I want a bottle tree! Memphis
Please human, let me out! Cat Animal Rescue Pets Black & White
Even more signs of spring, FINALLY Memphis Spring Nature Taking Photos
I want them all!!!!!! Memphis Spring Hello World Taking Photos
A few of my crystals Crystals Crystal Healing
Doesn't feel like Spring but it's coming!! Memphis Spring Nature
Either a yawn or a scream :) Cats Cute Pets Animal Rescue Love
Daffodil hill at the Memphis Botanical Garden Flower Memphis Spring Daffodils
More branches :) Nature Memphis
Little branches Nature Memphis Spring
It's so hard to be Buddy Cats Animal Rescue Cute Pets Love
Lonely desert plant Arizona Desert Nature Desert Beauty
Mississippi sunset Sunset Mississippi
Human, please come back inside!!! Cat Black And White Animal Rescue
Tom lee park Memphis Tennessee Statue HUMANITY
Lovely signs of spring Memphis Tennessee Nature Spring