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Bwphotography Vintage
I used lighting in my house, a shelf and my phone. To set up these next few photos. . If you want to do it. . Do it yourself. Diyphotography Igotthis Tattooedwomen
2nd photo in series. Tattooedwomen Diyphotography Igotthis
3rd photo. ....
Belovely Grimley Tattooedwomenofig
I let him have the beaters after I made brownies
Flowers I got the girls last week
My baby... <3
My momma and me. I was born 3 months early had to be at UofL nicu for awhile. That's a preemie diaper on me, it was still huge.
Me, my momma and my son. Short to tall.
My itsy bitty momma.
My son.
Out on the farm today with my boy. He's hates having his pic taken so mom had to be sly about
Lucy on left Gus on right.
Ready for Tuesday night meeting
Off to work I go!
My momma riding.
Nic and Lucy
The BEST balloon at the glow last night. Even got a free pin.. Asked to get dropped off in OZ too.. The guy just smiled. ;)
Love it!!!!!
I could have stood on this edge for hours, letting the sound of the water crashing down calm me.. How I missed this..
Got the little sister on this as well.. Faced her fear!!! Awesome!!
Got Sarah to ride these super high flying swings at Kentucky Kingdom KentuckyKingdom Skycatcher
In line for Lighteningrun
Cloud over work about 530pm today(Friday)
Something something dot dot dot
Happy Thursday of sorts... I
When you go to the park with your BFF and you don't wear the right shoes, because you are dressed from work... But you really don't mind. Biiiig rocks!!
We three, peas in a pod.
When your boss saves your sanity with some caffeine and an epic coke can comes your way. Hanging with Lloyd, Lydia and Nic. Ugh.. Monday!!
Car show on our 4th night here.
Car show.
I've never had A Bloody Mary before.. Tried a "flight" of them at OINK. Breakfastlunchbacon Oink Bloodymary yum!!!!
Ooooo. These tacos at Yardhouse are indescribable... So yum!! And the tuna roll was good. And so was my fruity mango beer stuff..
My view on the way up the mountain last night for the sunset over Tucson. Mtlemmon Tucson
This Tucsontrex guards a McDonald's and an Intersection. Keep it up big guy!!! Tucson
City lights. Tucson Mtlemmon Going down!
How to deal with a slight hangover...... Brunch, Bloody Mary and a prickly pear mimosa.. Yum. Prepandpastry
Prepandpastry S'mores French toast for the win.... I didn't need syrup or butter.... In heaven..
Up on top of the mountain tonight for sunset. <3
All that green.. Cactus... Coronado national "Cactus" forest.. Going up!!!
Tucson.. Home.. My heart. Breathtaking view from the mountain tonight. Can't believe I live down there and can go up here anytime (weather permitting) le'sigh. Mtlemmon Tucson
Lady in red... Hellogreeneyes Meltcosmetics Meltdarkroom Mattelipstick
My beautiful, talented, loving and amazing not so "little" sister. I am so proud of you! @rachelhollis97 Violinist Music Classical Classicalviolin Ypas the Senior Classof2016
<3 Meltcosmetics Meltdarkroom
Picture for my momma. <3
Can't sleep...
Had an excellent day today.
One of my favorite tattoos that I have First Eyeem Photo