Helen H


beginner photographer, I spend most of my time drawing, painting and doing other art related stuff. I take all of these photos myself
Music Exploring Adventure Tree Climbing
Glass Exploring Colors
Vintage VW Bug Vintage Cars Halifax
Me Eyes Blackandwhite Selfportrait Makeup
drew it in pencil then edited it. let's all smoke a bong and get along? Love Peace Drawing Doves Art
City Cityscapes Halifax
Nature Freedom Texture Fueling The Imagination Break Free
Play Exploring Ocean Nova Scotia
Nature Plants Ocean Beach Grass
Enjoying Life Simplicity Halifax Two Of A Kind
VW Bug Vintage Cars
Summer Flowers Nature Blackandwhite Texture Eye4photography  B+W
Me Blackandwhite Girl Selfportrait Lips Texture
Berries Winter Snow Walk In The Snow
Depth Of Field Ocean Adventure Nova Scotia
colour version Summer Nature Flower Pink
drew this with marker. need to figure out what to stand him on before I give him legs :p Blackandwhite Art Drawing Dragon Skyrim My Drawing
repost of this. different crop and better quality. one of my favorite photos I've taken Skateboarding Graffiti Urban Colors Urban Nature Skatepark
Skateboarding Blackandwhite Bike Timing Skatepark Bmx