Leticia Castro


I am the eldest of five, 22 years old, taking care of children, & finding myself ❤
Big news Pregnancy Announcement
Upside down
Watch a sunset
Little sister
New romantics
Snow white
New Car
New Car
Feather  Wrist Tattoo
Mid blink
New Hair
My Mom
Best Friends
Best Friends
Best Friends
Mothers Day Roses
Little Brother  Mothers Day
Mothers Day
My baby sister
Matching tattoos
Life In Color LIC Rave Outfit
Happy Birthday 2 Years Old
Mexican birthday partys be like... Chilli Pepper Pinata
Go Hard Seattle Cousins
Go Hard Seattle
Go Hard Seattle Rave Bathroom Selfie Cousins  Best Friends
Cousins  Go Hard Seattle Rave
Baby Sister Amarah
This is still one of my favorite pictures of my Little Brother  Izaya
Dinosaur Exhibit Little Cousin Pacific Science Center
Dinosaur Eggs Little Cousin Pacific Science Center
My Dad
Why So Serious? Selfie
Car Ride  Selfie
Snapchat Stuck In Traffic Hate Mondays
Smile Best Friends
Best Friends
Birthday Girl Best Friends