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The Big 3O!
The Big 3O! I gotta feeling 30 is gonna be a good good year.
The Big 3O! Happy Birthday to me. Wegowayback , 26 years back.
Flamingos being so graceful Kenya LakeNakuru
A young Zebra has a brown skin that would turn into black as they grow older. Apparently zebras have a black skin with white stripes and not the opposite. Kenya Africa LakeNakuru
A Family of Hippopotamus grazing. Hippos are the third largest land mammals, while they stay in water most of their time they can't swim. Kenya Africa Lakenaivasha
A Kingfisher on the lookout
A bachelor Impala challenges the Territorial Male in a horn duel Impala Kenya LakeNakuru
A Giraffe is a fast animal, this fellow reached a speed of 50km/h but it felt like 18km/h. This Rothschild Giraffe is one of the few left in the wild. They are cute! Giraffe LakeNakuru Kenya
Yo John, I think we are on camera. Giraffe Rothschildgiraffe Kenya Africa LakeNakuru
Istanbul with les rayess (@ramzirayess and bro)
Istanbul Vintage
Istanbul by night. A city filled with cozy coffee shops and interesting tourists.
Wherever you look, there are rich vivid colors in Kenya . Colors that make you alive and vibrant. Kenya Africa GreatRiftValley Big5 Safari
During a boat safari by the gorgeous Lake Naivasha, an African Fish Eagle stood proud and bold on the top of the tree. In a matter of milliseconds, the eagle flapped his wings and successfully snatched the fish from the water. Oneshotonekill FishEagle Eagle Nature LakeNaivasha Africa Kenya Natgeo GreatRiftValley
I am grateful to have experienced the beauty of Kenya . ThisIsAfrica Africa LakeNakuru LakeNakuruNationalPark
His name is Omar. SaveTigers Saveourplanet @natgeowild @blackjaguarwhitetiger
Faraya the village. HDR Lebanon Autumn FallFoliage Foliage
Power of ? Sad Chabrouh. HDR Faraya Lebanon Water
Beirut in the Storm Cloudbreak RamiMPhotography
Beirut in the Storm RamiMPhotography Livelovebeirut
Byblos Castle in HDR . RamiMPhotography
Byblos in HDR Sunset Lebanon CradleofCivilizations RamiMPhotography
That View from Byblos fortress! LiveLoveLebanon
Byblos , the 7000year old City LiveLoveLebanon RamiMPhotography
Byblos , over 7000 years old Sunset RamiMPhotography
Two sundays ago, while enjoying a post-brbq at @jihanenouar, I grabbed my camera and tried to grab a picture of this little fellow flying from flower to flower. Each time i got near, he flew away. Is it a Hummingbird ? LiveLoveLebanon Canon7d  70200mm
Dimitry Rybolovlev's $300 million La Belle Epoque. The AS Monaco owner bought the penthouse from Edmond Safra who died in a 'Mysterious' fire in 1999 JealousButler . Dimy's ex wife recently won over $4.3 billion from the divorce settlement, making it the largest divorce ever. BillionaireProblems
Just discovered this pic in my collection. Throwback Sea Photography Canon7d  Larvotto
Love you guys soooo much! ♡
Now and then i go over some albums I took in the past, each time I discover a gorgeous picture. Palomabeach
JunkyardBeirut is simply sexy!
Sjs MarYoussef SaintJosephSchool . The Others Had no Chance. Score7_1
RamziAndCarla ...Bros since forever!
Happy Birthday Elie! LesMonegasquesHabibis Ium WeRuledItOnce
Lebanese Summers. Paparazzi shot by @eliemrizk
Lebanese Summers and a wet happy dog LiveLebanon LiveLoveLebanon Batroun
Lebanese Summers LiveLebanon Batroun
Seriously good food at Tawletammiq
Known him for over 27 years! That is 93.1% of my life. Bros4Life Bosses Fresh3aris .... Started from the bottom (nursery) now we here ??
Hi Jounieh LiveLoveLebanon Fireworks WeBurnMoneyOnFireWorks
Hi Jounieh WeBurnMoneyOnFireWorks LiveLoveLebanon
Nothing beats a Classic Breakfast ?
The serenity after the storm LiveLoveLebanon Canon7d  ShaynaEmile
Lil' Sis and Bro Shaynaandemile ShaynaEmile
Taking it to a whole nother level ShaynaEmile Shaynaandemile Bosses
Rainy Beirut . Snail stuck on the car's window. Hangon
The return of Mrs Crow. Poser! RunwayBird FasionistaCrow Birdphotography Canon7d  MyDubai DubaiBirds
Happiness comes in the simplest of forms. BigBadBurger Thecounter Burgereye @mmoghrabi
The Common Myna is considered as a pest and an invasive bird. Mydubai Dubai DubaiBirds NatGeo PhotoSociety
A Grey Herone is feeding on a fish. The grey herone is similar to the crane, but it flies with its neck tucked in. Mydubai Dubai Canon7d  NatGeo Birds PhotoSociety
Not the most Charming of Birds , but definitely very inelligent. Mydubai DubaiBirds Dubai Canon7D 70200mm NatGeo PhotoSociety
By Far the most Beautiful family SexyGenes Moughabghabs Fakhourys Ineedthatpaintingbehindme
Feels like am walking in Skyrim 's Blackreach Dubailights Mydubai
"Science is spectral analysis, Art is Light synthesis'-Karl kraus Dubailights Mydubai Citylights nightscape
Bosses LegendaryInvestmentsinthemaking StayShaded StRegisResort ElKhourzour ElWarde
Very Sexy for a car enthusiast like me Needforspeed HotPursuit  Dubai CheatCodesToUnlockTheBug Bugatti Veyron Ferrari FF McLaren MP4-12C
Alieninvasion Mydubai
2ebba @saadefadi84
Head to poop on, located. Preparing for take-off. Dubai Mydubai
Refreshin' Cocacola Secretrecipe
"Stand by the grey stone when the thrush knocks and the setting sun with the last light of Durin 's Day will shine upon the key-hole" - the Hobbit Mydubai Mydubai Canon7D RabbitOnTheMoon JadeRabbit
But first let me take a Selfie
Chile Rosé wine, Spanish setting, Arabian night, Russian Beauty, Lebanese Charm, Korean Phone, Japanese Cam, French bag, English language.
Took this pic after a long walk from Portofino to santa margherita. HDR LeRami Ligure Italy
Can you find me? Thuglife LegendsintheMaking 1987 SaintJosephSchool SJS MissDolly
Google + surprised me with its new Autoawesome feature. HDR
AbdallahSfeir first thriller movie. Goodluck am sure the movie will be a hit InsanHayawanChay ' @boudysfeir80
29 , you better be sexier than 28. MyBirthday
Winter has arrived. Cousins  Birthdaygirl @christinakar
Birthday lunch with my Sis Selfies Birthdaylunch HappyBirthdayToMe Myfav MoulesEtFrites
Thug Life
Christmas mood on! Christmas Muchtobethankfulfor Countingmyblessings
The Real EpicSplit . JCVD stole my glow. RealSplit MorningWorkout Fitness
This kitty didn't like me much
TBT  The White. The Rosé. The Red. StTropez Chateauberne Winetasting
Captured by @saadefadi84. Inspired by Gta5 Lossantos .
The Porsche Ruf  CTR3 undressed.
The Lamborghini Aventador undressed
An undressed Koenigsegg AgeraS Hundra . One Off edition
An undressed Pagani Huayra . Pure Art!
Sunday Brbq with ma Homies
The romantic Cap Estel. CapEstel  èze  èzesurmer C ôtedazur
World's most psychologically troubled and schizophrenic Cat 'Sphynx' @saadefadi84
This Bee is in a serious need of a diet
It is all in the details. Lebanon Insect Camouflage NowYouSeeMe
The Bekaa Valley
The serene view from Harissa Harissa Lebanon
The world's oldest shopping mall. The Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II. Milano Italy Galleria
The impeccable aerodynamics of the Lamborghini Veneno
Traffic is much more fun with Bentley Mulsane
AttessaIV worth over $300million, one of the largest top 23 privately owned yachts. Megayacht Superyacht Helicopter helipad
The enchanting city of Prague
The road to work OldJob Raslaffan
The warm View from camp OldJob Raslaffan Qatar
'I got your back' Tiger Whitetiger Igotyourback Singapore