view my memories through a lens. Random artistic captures, finding beautiful things to photograph. I love capturing real life and things that catche
thames barrier park
golden gates dessert
st katherine docks haunted ver
raw shot no filters
new cupcake place in canary wharf
holland park
shop display urban outfitters
graffiti art
taken with iphone 4
playing with HDR taken on 3gs
food caravan in brick lane
pixel art brick lane
st pauls london
kyoto garden
holland park hipstamatic
kyoto garden 3gs
kyoto gardens holland park 3gs
london 3gs
taken at blackheath in the car 3gs
docklands hipstamatic iphone 3gs
decorations in convent garden hipstamatic iphone 3gs
taken at blackheath funfair hipstamatic iphone 3gs
taken at towerhill London on iphone4
tower bridge taken with iphone 4
love letter hipstamatic