Lea Dacula


they may say I am a DREAMER but im not the only one.
Work in progress. An 19 year old girl that caught my attention Miss Ebba Zingmark from the North of Sweden. YOU HEAL | YOU GROW Illustration Drawing Fabercastell Creativesunday artwork
Work in progress inspired by Ladiiprang Illustration Art Drawing fabercastell dailyjournal
Materials: Only Faber castell colour pencil | daily journal. Don't Follow your dreams; chase them. Fabercastell Art Illustrationoftheday . Illustration drawing artworks notsoweirdlea
There is no line between fine art and illustration; there is no high or low art; there is only art and it comes in many forms. Jamesgurney Artworks Illustration Drawing art happysunday
So sweet couple. Di ko napansin yung couple nung nagshoot ako naka focused kasi subject Bushnell telescope 96m-1000m. Tsamba lang tsong Photography
Early illustration inspired by Bobostephanie . HAPPY WOMENS MONTH. Illustration Fabercastell Womensmonth