Leopold Brix

Creating Fineartprints and Stockphotos since many years. Always trying something new and fascinated from making pictures.
Leopold Brix
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Low angle view of bridge against sky
Panoramic view of rock formations against sky
Close-up portrait of mask
Close-up of portrait of red halloween
Rear view of people looking at music concert
Panoramic view of illuminated street in city at night
Close-up portrait of cat sculpture
Low angle view of airplane flying against sky
Close-up of red hat against white background
View of flowering plants against wooden fence
Low angle view of red drawing on blue wall
Window of building
High angle view of colored pencils on table
High angle view of old buildings in town
High angle view of information sign on metal
Chairs and tables in park
Side view of woman standing by glass window
Close-up of text on wall
City street by buildings against sky
Close-up of statue against building
High angle view of bridge in city against sky
High angle view of arrow sign on street
Low angle view of bare tree against sky during winter
Low angle view of bare tree in forest
Rear view of woman standing against red wall
Low angle view of building against sky during winter
Group of people in traditional clothing against sky
Exterior of old building
Vintage car on road against wall
View of cherry tree on field
Road amidst trees in park
Potted plants in yard
Interior of illuminated building
Monkey sitting on rock
View of construction site against sky in city
Panoramic view of sea and rocks against sky
Exterior of building
Vapor trail against clear blue sky
Plants growing on land against mountains
House on field by trees against sky
Close-up of flowering tree growing on field
High angle view of arrow sign on wall
Close-up of red flowering plant by window
Close-up of flowering plants against blurred background
Low angle view of fruits on tree
High angle view of multi colored decoration
High angle view of dog walking on street
Road sign on field against sky
Bridge over river with buildings in background
Train passing through window
Cars moving on illuminated underground walkway
Panoramic view of snowcapped mountains against sky
Dog in car
Illuminated bridge over river in city against sky at night
Cat on tree trunk
Close-up of a bird
Fishing boat sailing in sea against sky
Monkey sitting on a tree
Full frame shot of shells
High angle view of lion lying on land
Close-up of hat on face against black background
Trees in forest during autumn
Group of people walking on street in city
Close-up of cow
Tiger in a zoo
Closed door of old building
Close-up of rusty chain
Empty subway station platform
Information sign on wall of building
Close-up of information sign on road
View of an animal on rock
Digital composite image of burning fire
Panoramic view of beach and buildings against sky
Full frame shot of old railroad tracks
Old train on railroad track against sky
Built structure on field against sky