Laurie Michelle


The Unicorn Pixie. Barista. 22. Dreamer.
My Happy Place  Clouds Bedroom Ceiling Fan Ceiling
Light Up Night Pittsburgh Pennsylvania Christmas Lights
Hot chocolate with cinnamon to warm up after a night out. Hot Chocolate
Losing my hair color at 22. I think I'm having an early quarter life crisis. Haircolor Undercut Redhead Ginger New Growth Hair Details Details Of My Life
Blue Paint Art
Kids Children Park
Long shutter. Long Exposure Sparklers Heart
Zombie Festival 2012(I think) ZZombiemMake UpsSpecial Effects MakeupmMarie Antoinette
My mom in high school, on the left. Vintage Vintage Fashion 1960s
Richland County Fair Ferris Wheel Fair Night Lights
Silhouette Sunset Ombre Field
Richland County Fair Ferris Wheel Sunset Lights Night Lights Fair
Fur Nephew Leopold. Dog Puppy Dogs
? Four Leaf Clover Clover Lucky Luck Books Book Harry Potter Muggle
Lines Perspective
Grilled cheese and tomato soup. Food Grilled Cheese Soup
(Not my original photo) Happy People Wedding Sisters pPhotobooth
My lovely ginger self. Ginger Lesbian Gay Queer Girls With Piercings Undercut septum piercing
From My Point Of View
Sunset Clouds Ohio