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digital media enthusist; artist, geek of random things.
Be a Boss . "Expect Problems and eat them for breakfast." Leadership Quote
"If you want your Dreams come true the first thing you have to do is wake up." Rise & Shine Dosomething Quote .
And this little Monster just arrived. Ducati black on black ...oh wonder how this will pan out.
Challenge accepted "awesome things will happen today if you choose not to be a miserable cow" - Bring it on 30th Year...I got you on lock.
Challenge accepted "awesome things will happen today if you choose not to be a miserable cow" - Bring it on 30th Year...I got you on lock.
This is what a Marketers desk looks like. Hubspotting day 3. Agencylife
Wicked games VSCO Photo App of the year.
Finally a Photo App that isn't cheesy...
TBT  now this is how Music was recorded. Live session. Dad is too cool for school!
This is the visual of what being Sick , Working remotely due to time-sensitive Marketing campaigns, and dealing with a Renovation . agencylife. ..we get it done no matter how I'll we are.
Quote of the month for me. "Follow Your Heart but take Your Brain with You."
Um Geeking did this just happen? @guykawasaki ..out of the masses guy still finds away to connect directly. It's r real folks he practices what he preaches.
Lagirl taking public transportation in Boston bound to get lost face
Awsome visit to @hubspot hq while at Inbound14
Wicked Smaht is what I became frome Inbound14
@guykawasaki in front of me in the fleah Legends at Inbound14
10000 Marketers in one place from across the globe Onthecatwalk Inbound14
What Tired Selfie look like after a long day at Inbound14
Selfie challenge at Inbound14 one of many...ill spare you the millions
Probably the coolest Business conference ever Inbound14
Crowds on crowds...10000 Marketers under one roof Inbound14
Inbound14 conference or Vegas not sure
BlurredLines but rally connections Inbound14
"Remarkable results rarely come from avoiding RISK " you must try new things. Quote Inbound14
What Marketers do after a long conference Inbound14
Two Inbound14 rockstars @hansenhunt and @hubspot very own @brianhalligan Inbound14
Another Mentor and online friend who crosses over into real life at Inbound14 @markwschaefer
@janellemonae rocking Inbound14
Meeting Mentors and Online  friends in the flesh @davekerpen Inbound14 Likeable
Inbound14 Friends that last.
Boston Streets the old Architecture had me at hello.
SALEM STREET Boston Streets are gorgeous
Boston Streets I guess I like their fire hydrants ..
Boston trip Lategram Streets
Lategram Boston streets..
Lategram Inbound14 with my brother from another mother Truefriendsjumpfencestogether @hansenhunt
Birthday plans in full affect. Sail boat...check. 40ft of weekend fun✨??⛵️♎️
Birthday plans in full affect. Sail boat...check. 40ft of weekend fun✨??⛵️♎️
Walking dem streets of Boston . Cobbled streets, canoli bakeries, and lots of history. Little italy I love yoy.
Made with @nocrop_rc Rcnocrop
Rockers  make my work go by ...esp. David Lee Roth
Going through Boston highlights. WorkLife maybe...@janellemonae Simonsinek , rockers be like..
Way past my bed time. One more day to obtain much knowledge as I can. With that my brain needs to be in zen mode. Inbound14
Inbound14 Listening to a major player in Digital
Inbound14 takeaways from CMO track @hubspot building an inbound team
Canoli in little italy in bad I ate it before i took the pic. Foodie dream Inbound14
Amazing lobster roll from Neptune Oyster in Boston ..Foodie heaven Inbound14
Neptune Oyster down check . 2.5 hours worth the wait...Inbound14
En route Boston I'm coming Inbound14
Got my nails did with Hubstyle for Inbound14 with hues of orange haha....nerd alert!
Last minute needed haircut before Inbound14 talk about last minute. My hair was so long it was down to my butt...time to drop some weight. Chop chop. ?
Just got spiritual with MaggieQ & MattMcDermott at my fav Spiritual store
Inbound14 Style watch, activate Hubstyle for unique hubspot gear!
Noheelsforinbound Inbound14 it's official sorry ChristianLouboutins your staying home
Inbound14 current state of packing....
Inbound14 couldn't get any better...i get to meet the genius Glawell personally. Speechless what a day.
Thanks Inbound14 just received my freebie!
Foodie attack at the boardwalk garlic Fries that is worth the heartattack
Weekend date with the boy. Treasure hunting. Love and Light💑💋🌊
The best Leaders are the best notetakers, best askers, and best learners" Quoteoftheday
Quoteoftheday If your action inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader. John Quincy Adams
TBT  Sinto falta da minha família Capoeira . Cbla @professoraxe @tiffalana @trevorjackson5 @mboneco ??
☕Coffeebreak at my favorite. Pseudo Selfie
Morning Quote ...start the day right...
Whiteboard addict. Content mapping brainstorm. Marketing life @dburnsdesign . @hubspot WorkLife
TBT  the days where my body could do incredible things pre-accident. I have to strive to get my strength back..a must. I'm older but more persistent. MakeItHappen
Happy Thursday , WTF in a different context.
After 15 plus open houses, This Grumpycat Meme says it all. House hunting is a pain,my broker says it's fun. Hmph, says the person making commission. ? ?
My daily Truth Quoteoftheday "I have shed my skin so many times. The graveyards must be full of all the people I used to be" Always growing and constantly Evolving .
TBT  Miss you Brother . You’re as real and alive in my heart you were 14 years ago on this day, when you left to be my Angel . Love never dies.?
Quoteoftheday "Mother Teresa Didn't Walk Around Complaining About Her Thighs. She Had Shit To Do." ...and so do I. Nobody got time to worry about Thighgap .
Quoteoftheday "Life begins where fear ends." - Osho
i feel like my post from last week is quite relevant today "be kind. for everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about. " Truth Quoteoftheday Regram my own post.
RobinWilliams quote. Depression is real, no one is invisible.
So sad @therobinwilliams . Your talent lives on....a Artist that I grew up watching. ?
After a year of literary hiding from the world, and trying to figure out who I've become, and learning to love all of me. Now, I am starting to feel human again ..."but wait let me take a Selfie " I am slowly letting the world back in, to meet me just as I am. My imperfections and all...after all that is truly being human. ?
Quoteoftheday "Be Kind . For everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about." Truth to live by.
@cajun_candy Ninja skills? or just plain Stupidity
Quoteoftheday always aspire to Achive . " Whatever the mind of a man/woman can conceive and believe, it can acheive." - Napoleon Hill
My Lifesaver my talented Graphicdesigner @dburnsdesign @franksteve90 . I would be lost without him..Truth Agencylife digitalagency worklife. nofilter..ok color adjusted. amigos ? Meu irmaozinho. Yes I did fishlips ? ? and over hashtaged....
After a crazy day and unexpected talks with lawyers...this is my Instamood ...I'm coming homw, I'm coming home...???
Quoteoftheday "Hustle until you no longer have to introduce yourself" On that Business grind, Selfimprovment never ends. ?
Not even know what to think about this Lip plumper tool. The things people do in the name of Beauty . Lips transformation to Ducklips ???⁉
And this is what I am feeling....on the daily. Instamood Sleepy TOOTIREDTOHAVEFUN . ??
TBT  me and lil looking all Asian  , es ok...I'd rock that Vietnamese Aodai tody. ootd sisters ?? stick together
Love @vezabands new homepage Website banner Design . Follow vezaband to check them out with their new promo by two get free shipping! Proceeds go to Charity. .get you some! Amazed once again @dburnsdesign
Sunday Selfie ...Funday
"In order to Succeed your, your desire to succeed should be greater than your fear of failure" -Billcosby Quoteoftheday Inspire
TBT  guess who this Baby is. Found this at parents house...I didn't grow much did I ?
Words to live by "Do more of what makes you happy. " Quoteoftheday Inspire to Motivate
Quoteoftheday Be you, with no apologies. Some will love you, some won't. Both is absolutely fine. We are who we are.
WorkLife . Digital Video shot list in the works. custom asset production is way better than stock videos.???✔
Late Night Work Selfie . Production work still not finished. ?☕ A good worker needs to know when to go home, and get it done after a needed break. ✔
After a long day of Work I am Happy to come home to my lil boy. Dog
Quoteoftheday "Kindness , it doesn't cost a damn thing. Sprinkle that shit everywhere" ? Truth
This is what my Grocery shopping looks like. My items on the top. The Boyfriends JUNKFOOD On THE bottom. Not sure how he still has a six pack. Ihatehim . Guys ugh
Ipsygobare Gobare
My client meeting for the day. Instapup Instadog Rottweiler st Work