Basyir Waffa


Shared with my bestie
Almighty’s priceless gift Love Chilling Baby Grandpa Family Men
A bite of life Bite Playground Bliss Baby
Escape artist ❤️
Oldies Track
Organised mess Congestion Human Architecture
Innocence Spiderwoman
Piss Off
quake quartet Busy No End
Busy No End
BestOfTheBest Focus On Foreground Vision
Loser SORE
Family Goofing Off
Cannot Ta Too Cute Too Hard
Cycle First Pants Of The Day
Extensions to Life
Joyous Land Vehicle
Best  activity on a Rainy Day
R.I.P. My Friend . You made me a proud owner.
View of No View
Subway People
Architecture of the old for Modern Architecture
Commitment of my Partner
Don't Jealous
Sunset means Resting time
Lost in Circles
Shopping ♡ . Nothing else matters😑
Foodtruck of babi
Havoc , Rimas & Sejuk
Testing their Talent
Street Artist sharing their talents
Lost in Fleamarket fever
Hunger Games
Public Illusion
Public Entertainment
Subway Metro
Polite Chica
Beauty in Colour Blind mode
Clear Sky Same Ol Same Ol
Same Ol Same Ol
Walking Around The City
Breakfast with Acting Ceo
Surprise MF!!
Granada host