To love me , is to know me
I be's that pretty MF
My right hand
I be on some other shit that you cn't get on
Morning ⛅yeah, it's whatever
Shopping w| mi hermana
Long as my bitches loveee meee
Mee && my thugg Jerri ' .
These women ain't shit
Me && chad sexy ass at the party saturday ... ☺
I treat this boy good as if he was my child ☺ I loveee my lil man #godchild
I'm w| that fck a nigga tonight #juice
One man's lost
No new niggas , nigga we dn't feel lat '
Dn't really wanna lose this moment , why window shop && you own this
They said I be dressing cute
Lovee mee for who I am , if not shidddd ion ' give a DAMN
Goodnight ✌ #hairwashed
&& she ain't crying over NO nigga , she ain't
She kinda ' tall , got long weave , her thighs thick && she slender . She play mean , but she really sweet , got pretty teeth && she tender
Well , this has gotta ' be the longest crush ever☺ . If I ever get to fck , it'd be the longest bust ever
Trap girl , I ain't tell you bout my trap girl ? First day I met her , told her , I could break your back girl
It be like that sometimes
Goodmorningg ☺
Yeah , they hating on you
Bad girls ain’t no good && the good girls ain’t no fun . && the hood girls want a smart nigga, college girls all want a thug
&& when you see her , just know that's all me ☺
We tight
Thugg passion , make a nigga smile when he feeling down ☺✊
Fcking over wifey type , bae ' that be them sad dudes .... Goodnight
Please dn't judge me && I won't judge you , cause it can get ugly before it gets beautiful ☺
#notnow but meee (:
Me && dricka earlier today lol
Goodmorning from us ☺
Just finished my hw ...
T-shirt && my panties onn ☺
Wake up in the morning ⛅, yawning
Haven't been on here ina ' while , but #earliertoday #stgparade
Good morning from me && my baby
#notnow #tired #boredd #phonedry #tapptho # fwm '
Goodmorning from me && this badd ass lil guy here ☺ #hit #hairallover #ohwell #likeitup
Cooling w| my thugg meme
#notnow but goodnight
Hanging Out