Lai Barbasan


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Wanting. Asiangirl Women Of EyeEm Cinematography VSCO NikonD3100 Portraiture Feels Asianlook Jeans Woman Philippines
Blank stare. Woman VSCO NikonD3100 Asiangirl Women Of EyeEm Cinematography Whiteshirt  Week On Eyeem Necklace Philippines
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Silhouette. Women Of EyeEm VSCO NikonD3100 Blackandwhite Photography Asianlook Umbrella Philippines
Landscapes With WhiteWall Sea Nipa Hut VSCO NikonD3100 Philippines Simple Life Who am I to complain?
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Alone. Blackandwhite Photography Women Of EyeEm Portraiture Woman VSCO NikonD3100 Asiangirl
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I'm Lost. Asianlook Lost NikonD3100 VSCO Women Of EyeEm