Joan Buesa


? First Eyeem Photo
Well, who dont? ?
Just be contented. ??
good morning with chocolates! ☕Chailatte Lipton Chocolate Creamo
kobe's loombands from tita michelle.
Beat the Heat with fresh mango shake! !??
Yesterday I'm good. Today I'm better and tomorrow I'll be the BEST! ???⭐⭐⭐
life is simple. Just be fair. Treat people around you equally. Know your priorities. Good morning! ??????
we fight. We argue. Give each other time to patch things up. ????
Boredom strikes!
On the way to Solano! ??????
I am me and you can't change that! You can't get along with me then deal with your own!???? Good Morning!!
Si @maron po nakagawa Neto!!!" ???
one thing's for sure! You can't break US! ??????????
go on and you'll see. I wont let you ruin me! ????
Maybe I'am not who you want but I don't think I deserve your kind of treatment! I needed to be respected! ????
Maybe there's something wrong with me. But I don't think I deserve that kind of treatment! Neither my son or Maron! Ang tagal kong nananahimik just to ignore the situation but this time napuno na ko! Just continue and you'll see!
Moon shoot. Noedit
Welcome home B1, B2, B3.
Ang batang bangad Maya Maya tulog! Haha.
My babies are grown up! Out to attend mass! :)
Good Morning with this! Thanks for the creation Lipton! Lipton Chailatte Foamy Almond milktea
On the way to Solano! Afatherslove
Stress reliever!
Who make my life worth living for! Motherslove
This shows how Kobe loves Pooh!
Playtime with cars!
The best relationship is when you can act as best friends, lovers, and enimies! :))
My signature of LOVE! perfect for Kobe and Kate for summer! Walang bahid ng Amoy pawis! Johnson 'sbaby Activefresh Powder Babybath
My signature of LOVE! Perfect for Kobe! Nagbanglo! Johnson 'sbaby Activefresh
This!! Happiness!! Thankyou !! :) <3 Lipton Chailatte Chocolate Cookiesandcream alicafe kellogs tea
Di da pylng lipasen! Gadu! Haha
Naninibago pa sila Kay uncle bong kaya ayaw nlang magpapicture kasama cya pero dito Hindi nila alam na nasa likod pala sya! :D
3 cakes for Kate's 3rd birthday celebration!! Kate 3rdbirthday
Ice cold coffee for summer!
Nail art. 12345 Dice