its all about me,
ayyyyee ya bitch..
4 times to yo mind if you a southside hater.
im right where i belong, what about you?
90s party with ashhhhh
see me showing out, she mugging, i dont give a fuck...
im cute or something
you lil girls bow down..
too thick chicks
i keep yall posted too, me & bestfriend in lafayette
shining like no other
living life w/o a care..
i aint in the business tryna keep no dude that aint tryna be kept.
i feel sorry for ya' might let ya borrow some ass..ha!
look at that stallion in the background..
moving on ✌
he treat me like im his mama but i know im his baby, he said dont you ever forget it, cause he havent told me lately.
hoe he cant love yaa, but prolly first night ya'
you will never find no one like me, one day you gone see, shoulda never let me go cause i loved you so ✌
if you love me then let it be beautiful
got these bopperssss goinggg crazyyy
Me & The Bestfriend
itssss meeee