KyuSoo Kim


I'm a Journalist.
Indoors  Table No People Still Life Desk
Certification One Person Text Portrait Front View Men Business Males
Plant Tripod No People Nature Day Tree Growth Outdoors
Yammy!!  Ricecake Yellow No People Backgrounds Multi Colored Pink Color
Text Communication Red No People Paper Number
EyeEm Selects Indoors  Close-up No People Bottle Still Life Large Group Of Objects
test shot Food Indoors  No People Sweet Food Container Ready-to-eat
지리산 둘레길 5코스 Cloud - Sky Two People Leisure Activity Outdoors Young Men That's Me
Windows Night Illuminated Pattern City MyRoom
Sewol Ferry Disaster Memorial Sadness Square GwanghwamunSquare People
That's Me Hello World Cheese! Taking Photos Hi! Enjoying Life
Hello World Supermario Puzzle  Micro Block
That's Me Hello World Cheese! Birdwatching
My Birthday Cake
Coffee Rainy Days
Drivingshots Sunshine Rainy Days
Self Portrait Hello World Cheese! That's Me
workshop Coworkers Camera Reporters
babe Babe ❤ Taking Photos Hello World Cheese! Summer Japanese Temple
Hedgehog My Pet Cheese! Hello World
Seaside Light Lighthouse Night
Winter Sea Winter Sea Wintersky Landscape Korea
Hello World Snow On The Road
Take A Break Swing
Hollidays Happy New Year Postcard Korean Korean Food
Chocolate Belgium
Watching A Movie Johnwick My Desk
Hairstyle Girlfriend Brown
다시 여길 좋아하게됐어 Aisle Library
애완동물 고슴도치 "꼬" Animals Hedgehog
Coins Coin Bank Hello World
Light House Love
Subway Hello World Love ♥
그냥 그런 금요일. Stream Night Night Lights Korea
Beer Suntory Paper
Fighting Light Typography HANGUL
That's Me Have Fun Shadow Light And Shadow
My Nephew Kid Spiderman Toy
That's Me Shadows Have Fun
Light Night Lights Lights Temple
Light Night Lights Lights Temple
Light Light And Shadow Night Lights Temple
Light Lights Temple Night Lights
Umbrellas Umbrella Street Art Sunshie