Kyrsten Doyle


I love Ana 👽
And they say music soothes the soul; but it only burns this broken heart?
Forgot to post my cutesy record bowl and adorable bracelet from R4te ?
Blue dandelions and pink lips? is it me you're gonna miss??
Oh hi? ily
bby ?
Omg so yummy ?
Happy mother's day momma ❤ you're da bestest ? oh yeah and I love you!
im a ghost? happy mother's day ?
Flipping cute omg
and I long to be in my lover's arms ❤?
Start of the big project?
"Thou are much too fair to be deaths conquest and make worms thine heir"-w.s.
Bby killed it tonight!! ?❤
Green Apple ??
this is what happens when I have a project due in art tomorrow that I haven't started ?
I usually don't do this and I hope she doesn't kill me for this..but I seriously have the best girlfriend in the entire universe. She knows when I'm down, even if I don't say it and she knows what to say and do to make everything better ?❤ I've got a lot on my plate right now and she's been here the whole time and I can't even express how grateful I am for her and all the love she shows me. I love you to the moon and back darling ? @monsteratheart
Such a cuuuuute picture of us from prom ❤ @monsteratheart is breathtaking!! Thanks so much @dumbandlame for the picture!!
I am beyond lucky to have such an amazing girlfriend❤ prahm was magical and so is every day I get to spend with you bby! I love you! ? @monsteratheart
Had an amazing prom night with my love ? @monsteratheart
Prom Prahm Lesbian
bby ??
Self Portrait Lesbian Lame
eye keep oll uv bbys notez in heer ?
? @monsteratheart
Itsy bitsy spider, drawn with eyeliner ?
Dinner ? cabbage, cucumber, green and yellow peppers, onion, carrots, and raspberry vinaigrette ?
I'm lame?
@cadaverousskip omfg one of my faves!!!!!!!!!! Seriously I love this!! Artshow ?
Bbys gift came ???? @monsteratheart
Nofliter Selfaysunday ?
Picnic with bby ?? I love her sooooo much and never want to be without her!! 5eva and always ? @monsteratheart
She needs to close her legs..but she is my sistaaahhh ? my cheetah sistah ?? @drewby_dooby_doo
My say no to drugs poster I did in two days yo.. Drag queens ❤
I seriously have the best girlfriend in the world ??? @monsteratheart
Omfg bby got me a Cinderella necklace when she was in Disney ?❤ @monsteratheart is my favorite princess ?❤
Bye lol ✌
FBF  with my fave ❤ @monsteratheart
I will miss my fave waffle house and my fave waitress Lisa ?❤
@mckunt at da beach today ??
Cloudy and stunning ☁?
Casually on the wall across from my toilet..Oh?
Dinner ?????????