Kyle XY


i just love it the way t'was made.
take me back
chicken's intestine / pinoy food
bnw ootd
let's do it black & white
where's the car now? Ootd (wearing the same garments sns i just love the backdrops) Pilipinasootdbasics Basic Basictarlac
so where's the bbq? First Eyeem Photo
finally i got these three 👌 thank you so much ShoePorn Polo Ralphlauren Nike nikerunning
tryin' to be so nice asf Ootd Basic Pilipinasootdbasics Instapose instagood igers
multiply Pilipinasootdbasics Basicerpilipinas Basictarlac
pig outs day with them! 🐷 (day, jam & carlo cabral) happy easter everyone! 🎉🍟😋 Foodporn Typography by jamille ♥
for borrowing 😃♥ ShoePorn Bnw just comment yay.
want ♥👞 ShoePorn
candies 💀 /m&ms
I CAN'T WAIT TO SEE PAPER TOWNS!! 😱 Johngreenbooks Johngreen Papertowns Natwolff margorothspiegelman Q
Don't tap the white tiles ⬛✅⬜❎ Summer15 Pianotiles Imagination Photography igers 💖
Amsterdam? Yes please 🙏✈ TFioS Gus Hazel Igers Sooner...
enjoying the view wt my fav gals @daylasntg @andrea_geyl @rizza.castro ⛅ Sunset Photography Likesforlike Igers pricelessmoments
enjoyin' the heat of the sun ☀ Summer Muscletee Mirror Likeforlikes like4recent followforfollow igers
splash 🌊 Photography Summer Vacation Igers like4recent likeforlikes followforfollow h2o